Harlotte Cosmetics: Nude Lips & Smokey Eyes

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Tammerly Holmes, Pink Diva Makeup

Harlotte Cosmetics, founded in 2007 by makeup artist Michelle Crofts, is Australia\’s answer to sexy cosmetics that deliver results and have gorgeous, sleek packaging. The Harlotte range is all about nude lips and smokey eyes and products contain cheeky names such as ‘Striptease‘ and ‘Birthday Suit‘.


Best selling products include Harlotte Lipslicks – a lipstick-gloss in a tiny compact with mirror (that conveniently tuck into Harlotte Garters), Harlotte Lash Candy Mascara – a black mascara that gives full lashes minus the brush (what, a mascara wand sans brush?! Correct) and my favourite, Harlotte Smudge Eye Pencil in black – gives the most sexy eye every time guaranteed as this beauty blends into the lash line with ease.

Currently shooting for their campaign, Harlotte has just released new products to the line – Half Lashes (to five fuller, flirtier lashes), and Smudge Pots (for sexy smokey eyes). But Harlotte won’t be stopping there, Michelle told us.


We caught up with Michelle Crofts to ask a few questions about the brand…

How long have you been a makeup artist for?
Just a little over 8 years.

What made you decide to create Harlotte Cosmetics?
I found the majority of my clients would come to me and request a smoky eye, nude lip look.  In fact 90% of girls would want this look.  I realized there was a gap in the market and wanted to create a brand solely around this concept.

Why was it so important to create Harlotte Cosmetics?
One of the reasons was to educate girls and show them that with the right products it is easy to achieve a professional looking smoky eye.  Harlotte products were created with this in mind.  The lipsticks are also very user friendly colours (no scary dark ones)&.all quite light, beautiful and creamy.


What kind of person is the brand aimed at?
Gee any girl who loves makeup&maybe from the age of 16 upwards.  There is no age limit really.  I have had feedback from a lot of mature ladies that love Harlotte Cosmetics and come back and reorder.  I find they, in particular, are the ones that snigger at the saucy names.  I had a great response at the recent Beauty Expo regarding my new naughty named “Smudge Pots”.  So they would also have to have a sense of humour and most importantly appreciate good quality modern products.

Where are the products made?
The products are made predominantly in Australia (my lipsticks, mascara, lipshine, lippie pots, blushes).  My new smudge pots were made in Canada as unfortunately Australia didn\’t have the right machinery to create the textures I required for these Smudge Pots.  I will continue to go for Australian made when I can.

Are they hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin?
I am extremely fussy with product development and trial everything out on myself for a long time.  I have very sensitive skin, in particular sensitive eyes and I have to be very careful what goes on and around my eyes.  So I would say my products are great for sensitive skin/eyes.  I have had many customers and makeup artists that carry the Harlotte line comment on how perfect the line is for sensitive skin.


Do you have a favourite product?
It changes regularly but at the moment it\’s my new Harlotte Smudge Pots and Half Lashes.  The Smudge Pots are so creamy and are so easy to create a smoky eye.  The Half Lashes add instant glam&they create a beautiful almond eye.

What else is on the cards for Harlotte? Are you going to release more products to the range?
Absolutely!  Watch this space.  I have huge plans for Harlotte.

Harlotte Cosmetics is a fun, girly brand. We love the pink packaging! Is pink your favourite colour?
Yes how did you guess??  I\’m a real girly girl!


Was there any reason for using the ‘xxx’ kisses on your cute logo?
Yes I wanted to soften Harlotte and make it a bit fun and flirtatious&.so I did so with three kisses on the end.  My dad is in advertising and when I rang him and asked him what he thought about the name “Harlot” for a makeup line he initially said he thought it was a bit harsh.  I said ok and thought nothing of it for a few minutes.  He then rang back about 5 minutes later and said “You know Michelle you could use Harlot but just change the spelling and perhaps add a kiss kiss kiss to the end” so “Harlotte xxx” it was!  It\’s fun and sexy at the same time!

How about the gorgeous and functional Harlotte Garters – can you tell readers about them?
Yes well this was from experience as well.  I would hear the bride say a lot “where do I put my lipstick?” so I decided to create a Harlotte garter with an enclosed lace pocket to slip the Harlotte lippie pot into for those inbetween champagne touchups.  These have been very popular for brides.  They come in blue/white, pink/white and black/pink (great for girl\’s nights out).


What makes you feel pretty and girlie?
There is nothing that makes me feel more pretty and girly than throwing on a beautiful feminine dress, getting all dolled up and finishing off with Harlotte Half Lashes.  There is something so feminine about having great eyemakeup and fluttering eyelashes!

When you’re not playing with makeup, what else do you do for fun?
Well I\’m a Mum of two gorgeous boys, Jake who is 8 and Flynn who is 5.  They keep me busy.  I love running around with my boys&they certainly keep me fit.  I enjoy a balance of family life and my creative “Harlotte” life.

Don\’t you love the photos? I do. Bring out the minx in you. Click here to visit Harlotte’s gorgeous website and discover the new products in the range. While you’re there download gorgeous wallpapers for your desktop.


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  1. Sage says:

    Ooh, luscious! I’m always looking for makeup that doesn’t cause problems for my sensitive skin. Love the girly packaging too. I’m in the United States but will happily order from Harlotte Cosmetics if they ship internationally. Thanks for the info.

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