Sensational scent comes with a $10k price tag

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Like smelling unique? Well have you got a spare US$10,000 because that\’s the price you need to pay to make sure nobody else can smell like you!

And no, it\’s not made of liquid gold, you can\’t drink the stuff and it does not give you wings, but it does come with the guarantee that it will not be produced for anyone else except you and a “certificate of authentication”, along with four 100ml bottles, four 50 ml bottles, four 15 ml bottles and the right to pass it on to an heir in your will or to somebody else.

Your Fragrance

There are eight of these exclusive scents, lovingly made by L’Artisan Parfumeur, one of which has already been nabbed by presumably, a now, very expensive smelling Parisian. This Parisian shopper gets the aforementioned deal and can order more 100ml bottles for $450 a pop. Talk about seriously exclusive stuff, there\’s probably a dress code to even get a whiff of it!

What do you think would be the perfect, priceless blend for a perfume?  I\’m thinking a strawberry cheesecake base note, some gummy bear harmonies, lashings of whatever rainbows are made of and a sprinkling of sunshine. Now that is worth US$10,000!

For handy hints on how to take care of your fragrances, Artisian’s have it covered.

If this tickles your fancy check out their website or we could jump on the pink jet and pop into Henri Bendels on 5th Avenue in New York!  Now I like the sound of that!


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