Sorority Row

| 8 November , 2009 | 2 Replies

Guest editor

Guest Editor, Monique Kinerson

Starring:  Briana Evigan, Rumer Willis, Leah Pipes, Margo Harshman, Jamie Chung, Carrie Fisher

Sorority Row is a killer thriller remake of the original 80\’s film The House on Sorority Row!  In this film, a secret really can kill you!  Theta Pi Sorority sisters Cassidy (Briana Evigan), Ellie (Rumer Willis), Claire (Jamie Chung) and Chugs (Margo Harshman) led by Jessica (Leah Pipes) become entangled in a prank that goes dead wrong!  In the spirit of I know what you did last summer, the girls accidentally kill their ‘sister\’ and then painstakingly decide to cover it up.  They stand by the sisterhood code of ‘trust, respect, honour, secrecy and solidarity\’ – with some pretty heavy insistence on the ‘secrecy\’ bit – especially after this prank!

Poster Sorority Row

It has all the elements of a classic horror with scantily clad girls running for their lives from an unknown predator.  There is some seriously funny trash talking that kept me entertained.  It made it hard to be too scared which was a relief to me at least, as I did manage to pop out a squeal in the first 10 minutes.  It isn\’t to be taken seriously at all, but at the same time does explore just how mad, crazy and casual these girls become about murder.  My friend commented that she has never felt so scared one second and laughed so much in the next breath!


Mrs. Crenshaw (Carrie Fisher) plays an interesting role that I would have liked to have seen expanded, none-the-less, pretty strong performance from all the ladies in this film and, in particular, Briana Evigan as Cassidy.  She is the film\’s common sense character and represents the audience view.  I felt myself nodding in agreement with all her suggestions about how to handle each situation, including some tricky ones she has to deal with (but that is top secret my sisters, you have to see the film to find out more!).


Talking of ‘Moore\’ – Rumer Willis plays a good part in this film and does her parents proud.  Leah Pipes as the leader of the Sisterhood is hilarious and I am not sure how she said some of those lines without cracking up!  She plays the bitchy role well and really makes the film entertaining with some very un-PC comments.


Surprisingly, there was a lot of depth to each of the characters that we managed to see as each story unravelled.  The systematic hunt for each of the girls by a scary killer combined with their constant assessment of whoever that mysterious person may be, makes for a truly intense and well paced film.  For a horror flick, this one really ticked the boxes for me in that, whilst it was on the violent side, there was enough humour to play that down and give it a less confronting feel.  That doesn\’t mean I didn\’t cover my eyes and stick my fingers in my ears every now and then, but that\’s what these flicks are for right?  A great excuse to snuggle up to a loved one, a proposed loved one or just a good old fashioned scream fest with your mates!

Theta Pi must die!  Get your scream on for this one Sisters!  4 / 5


Monique Kinerson

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  1. Zoe says:

    what their sisterhood code they follow?

  2. Bronny says:

    I just know i’ll watch this!!

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