The Brightest Star in the Sky

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Guest editor

Guest Editor Kristy McCormick

Marian Keyes has been a favourite author of mine since I first read Watermelon years and years ago. And with this, her most recent novel, she has not disappointed. The Brightest Star in the Sky is a story of love, hope and friendship – with just a touch of magic thrown in to keep things interesting. If you have ever truly believed in fairytales then you will love this one.

Brightest Star in the Sky

The Brightest Star in the Sky is the tale of 66 Star Street and the people who live within its walls. For a block of just four flats, there lives a cast of colourful characters who share their stories of triumph, despair and hilarity throughout the story.

The novel focuses on the main characters in each of the flats – on the top floor, Katie is a forty year old music executive who just wants to settle down, but also wonders how much cheesecake she would need to eat herself to death. Lydia lives one floor down – a sharp and sassy taxi driver who has more on her plate than anyone realises. On the first floor is Fionn – a gorgeous gardener from the country moved to Dublin to become a TV star; and in the bottom of the house live Matt and Maeve – the picture perfect couple who have their own secrets to hide.

The story is told from the perspective of an extraordinary visitor – who is able to observe the residents of 66 Star Street at a discreet distance. It is difficult to tell you too much about this visitor without giving away the whole plot – but suffice it to say I got a surprise when I finally worked it out! The surprise however is a pleasant one and there are numerous clues as to the identity of this visitor scattered throughout the novel.

Marian Keyes has a wonderful ability to inject humour and reality into the usually mundane aspects of our day to day lives. The everyday juggling of relationships – including couples, friends and family – are at the core of this novel. There are relationships that simply work and those that take a little more work – but we can relate to them all, and relate to the fact that with all relationships comes responsibility. She is also able to tackle delicate issues in a sensitive and straightforward manner – issues that are not the main focus of the novel but have an important role in some of the characters lives. Keyes uses these issues to draw the characters out, giving reasons behind some seemingly odd behaviour and allowing you to feel real empathy for them and what they have been through.

The Brightest Star in the Sky is a great read – and I think if you love Marian Keyes then you will not be disappointed by this one.

As the back cover states – 66 Star Street. It\’s Marian. It\’s magic. Some things are meant to be…

Available now:  Penguin RRP$32.95


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