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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Sam Winter creator of Sassi Sam

I sat down with Sarah Wilson a few weeks ago for a cuppa at a lovely earthy little cafe in Bondi … I loved meeting Sarah, she\’s a kindred spirit and I feel blessed that our paths have crossed.  We\’ve stayed in contact since our catch up and she is incredibly kind, caring and thoughtful.

Running your own business is hard, it\’s fun but it\’s really really hard and when you\’re on your own wearing every hat, usually stacked on top of each other buckling on the top of your head, it\’s an emotional roller-coaster ride with some weeks being harder than others.  So when I met Sarah I was coming off the back of a challenging week and meeting a kindred spirit who understands what you\’re going through made me get a bit teary – so embarrassing to say the least as our meeting wasn\’t about me it was supposed to be about Sarah.  But Sarah was accepting, non-judgmental and kind and that’s why I feel blessed to have her path cross mine.

Sarah Wilson 1

Sarah\’s weekly column in the Sunday Life magazine is my Sunday religion.  We\’re both on a similar spiritual path and that\’s why I connected with her.  I was born to be on the spiritual path and I\’m so heartened to see the shift across the globe of more and more people joining this path.  It\’s starting to get a bit crowded now which is fantastic ‘cause this path is a challenging path (sometimes I just want to get off but you can\’t once you\’re on it).  The path gets lonely at times but with more people on it, the more encouragement and support you have on your path and consequently you don\’t feel so alone!  Sarah and I talked about this emerging trend and we agree that we are seeing the shift of people learning to ‘slow down\’, be authentic and simplify their lives.  We are natural hoarders in so many ways, so simplifying our lives by de-cluttering both emotionally and materially is an important part of the process, but de-cluttering isn\’t easy it\’s very confronting but so worth the effort!

The past 18 months have been an interesting time for Sarah; she left her editor’s post for ACP’s Cosmo mag at the end of 2007 to pursue ‘other\’ interests.  Sarah didn\’t really have any solid plans; she just knew it was time to move on.  Since then Sarah has been freelancing and of course was beamed into our lounge rooms on the surprise TV hit show of the year, Masterchef.

And now Sarah is the face of a new channel; Foxtel\’s Lifestyle You channel. The very exciting aspect of Sarah‘s new role is that she will be a producer for the channel and is developing a new show for us that she’ll be hosting … coming to our screens in 2010.  Sarah hopes her show will feel like you\’re having a chat with her over the back fence (like we used to when we were kids growing up on our quarter acre blocks in the burbs!) The informal style of the show will embrace the new holistic wellness lifestyle we are all endeavouring to bring into our own lives.

Sarah Wilson 2

Since leaving the glossy world of magazines, Sarah finds it challenging to create structure to her day (I know exactly what she means) but she loves the freedom of working freelance. A choice she has made since turning freelance is to dedicate one day a week just for her, every week.

Sarah is inspired by the beauty of nature, she grew up in the country and she makes the effort to visit the ocean every day (she lives in Bondi Beach area).  She is focused on being present and enjoying the simple things in life.  Her favourite place she loves to visit is the desert; she enjoys embracing the warm air, the open space and the dryness of the desert.

Sarah hates shopping because she doesn\’t like to accumulate things, when it comes time to buy something she always asks herself if she really needs it and the answer is usually no.  She loves her organic rosehip oil that helps keep her skin soft and clear and a trick from her magazine days is to hide any grey re-growth using mascara in between hair appointments (only good for all you brunettes sadly).  Eating and drinking less sugar and alcohol is top of the list too!

Sarah believes that life keeps moving forward and where the mind goes the energy flows.  It\’s like mountain bike riding she says “where you look to, that\’s where your wheel will flow … it’s the same with life in general, where the mind goes the energy flows” … it\’s a leadership technique she learnt and she endeavours to live this every day.  She describes herself as very excitable, loves having massages, thinks Chris Isaak is the dish, cannot live without porridge, good conversation with strangers, chai tea, and bush walks on her own.

Sarah Wilson_lr

And if Sarah could have anyone at a Girl\’s Night In she\’d invite Jennifer Aniston (she read her interview in Elle UK and thinks she’s awesome), Drew Barrymore (has great values), Arianna Huffington, and her hiking bestie Kersti from NYC.

Like me, Sarah loves to read and in particular she loves Dr Seuss – Oh the Places You Can Go; The Lovely Bones and 1000 Splendid Suns.

Sarah practices what she preaches; she strives to help you be a better person as much as she\’s striving to be a better person herself, I envy her authenticity and her ability to be so giving and un-judgmental – I challenge you to get through a day without being judgmental, you\’ll be surprised at how hard it is. I believe acceptance without judgment is the key to peace and harmony within our global community.  Start small and we will make a difference.

You too can connect with Sarah on twitter and her blog – I promise you she’s worth connecting with.

Foxtels new Lifestyle You channel launches this Sunday, 15th November … I can’t wait and I\’m definitely looking forward to more chats over the back fence with Sarah; she\’s someone I want living next door in my life!


Lifestyle You

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  1. Monique Van Dijk says:

    Hi Sam,
    What a refreshing, authentic & inspiring post – both the perspectives from yourself & Sarah.
    Thank you + keep up the amazing work.

  2. Marlo says:

    I love Sarah Wilson, she seemed so lovely on Masterchef and you never hear bad things about her.
    I’m so envious of her beautiful complexion. She was at Etch on Melbourne cup day; where I was, and I’m pretty sure she was sans makeup and her skin was just GLOWING.
    You can tell she’s a really healthy lady who looks after herself.
    I like the look of this new ‘You’ concept, will be checking it out.

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