Ellen & Oprah shoot four covers

| 11 November , 2009 | 3 Replies

Oprah and Ellen tricked us, they shot FOUR covers, I want ALL FOUR of them … I’m so excited … I knew there had to be some really fun shots, I was banking on them being inside but no, here they are, yay:



Recap of the first two covers that were released:



And of course don’t forget my cover:

Sassi Girls magazine FINAL

And just quickly, some highlights from the magazine\’s interview with Ellen&

On why she came out: “Just to say the words was so huge for me. You know, people say, ‘Why do you have to tell everybody, who cares, and why do you have to announce it?\’ It\’s because it\’s your truth and the truth shall set you free.”

On wife Portia DeRossi: “Well, we\’re perfect for each other. She is so beautiful and so smart and so funny, and with her, I have that sense of ‘I\’m done now.\’ I\’m settled. I know that part of my life is taken care of. I\’ve got love. I\’ve got someone who will be with me till the day I die.”

On getting excited for American Idol: “They came to me, and it was a total surprise. I like to try new things because I get bored so easily. And I like the show, so I thought it was a great idea.”

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Happy days … I wonder if we’ll get all four covers in Australia?  Don’t forget to check out my Ellen in Oz campaign, come on, we need some of her fun and friviolity here, can you imagine her doing a show on the steps of the Opera House?  OMG, it would be soooooooooo amazing.
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