The Time Traveler\’s Wife

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Review by Keeva from Quip Creative

As the title suggests, The Time Traveler\’s Wife (hereafter abbreviated to “TTTW“), follows the futile struggle of a couple’s love throughout the life journey of a man who intermittently slips from his reality into spates of time travel – disappearing from his ‘now\’ and reappearing at significant moments of his past or future, naked (had to include this key detail, ladies).


Starring Australia\’s own Eric Bana as time traveler Henry, and the ever beautiful Rachel McAdams as his wife Clare, TTTW\’s plot is driven by the ongoing struggle to maintain a relationship, and indeed a sense of normality, when your existence is both unpredictable and out of time.

Time Traveller's Wife 1

Now before we get bogged down in the existentialist debate regarding the space-time continuum (thank you Doc Brown), the first point to enjoying this film, is to just accept that time travel exists – that\’s right, simply suspend your disbelief and allow yourself to submerge into a romantic drama whose twists are not only of plot and character, but rather  of reality itself.

Time Traveller's Wife 2

The film takes its whimsical time setting up, and before you know it you\’re captured by the fate of these two individuals and rewarded for your patience through a clever exploration of the potential pleasures and pitfalls of a life that accesses both the past and future.

Time Traveller's Wife 3

This classic struggle of love is cleverly interwoven with reflective moments, giving you the opportunity to contemplate what you would do if found in the same situation(!).

Time Traveller's Wife 4

What gives the film its charm is its abundant generosity in interrupting the often deeply contemplative moments with pockets of welcomed humour. This, combined with the strong performances of both leads, elevates this romantic drama with a sci fi twist to new heights.

Time Traveller's Wife 5

Fans of the Audrey Niffenger novel will leave satisfied with the on screen translation, and the science fiction element makes The Time Traveler\’s Wife the perfect date flick that goes well beyond ‘chick\’.



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  1. Monique says:

    I loved this film! So beautiful. I loved Eric and Rachel… just gorgeous and believable and yes… of course you can time travel – totally real!

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