Secrets & Liars: Young, Loaded & Fabulous 2

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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Tina Gamble

The queen bees are back.

Alice and Tally are the queen bees at St Cecilia\’s.  They have glamour, style, privilege, money and, of course, attitude.  After the disaster (and the triumph) of St Cecilia\’s charity parade, Alice and Tally now have their sights set on new dramas, and it would seem there\’s more than a fair share of romance in the air.

Young Fabulous & Loaded

A mysterious new man arrives on the scene and when it becomes clear that he has his sights set on Alice, will it finally be time for T to step up, or will he step aside and let Alice go?

Alice, however, is not the only one getting attention, as Tally starts taking private tuition from the hot new teacher, Mr Logan.  Is this a disaster waiting to happen or could it possibly lead to something more&

‘If love is a game, some people really aren\’t playing fair.\’

In Kate Kingsley\’s second novel in the Young, Loaded and Fabulous series, Secrets & Liars, we see more of a development of the characters, as new relationships are made, old ones are tested and there are possibilities of some unexpected ones.

I must admit I read this novel in one sitting. It was just as addictive as the first, though perhaps a little less catty, there was less focus on the girls fighting and more focus on the crew\’s romances. That been said, there is still plenty of cattiness to keep readers entertained.

Re-enter the world of Alice and Tally. For those who haven\’t already jumped on the bandwagon, it\’s time for you to start. This second novel in the series is fast and fun; there is tension and romance, and just when things start to settle that\’s when the claws really come out.

Secrets & Liars is utterly fabulous and well worth a look.

Available now:  Hachette RRP$16.99

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