Agent Provocateur’s Return of the Apex

| 25 November , 2009 | 1 Reply

Back in September I posted the amazing photos released for Agent Provacateur‘s The New World Order. The Agent Provocateur Elite Exemplar is a group of genetically enhanced superwoman on a mission.

Well apparently after the success of the first AP comic book, we are getting part two with The Return of the Apex and in their usual style it’s feminine sexy at its best.

Women are looking for a new place in the universe, the story goes. Heroines like Miss Cherie Bombette and Venus Fly Trap are Joe Rubinstein’s muses in a script written by Brady Webb. There’s lots of humour, references to sexy comics from the seventies, and a peek at the collection, with styling by Hannah Glossop.

And good news is that a third part is on the way!

APApex 4

APApex 2

APApex 1

APApex 3

Black Swan


Maitre D



Venus Fly Trap



The Winter 2010 collection is available online now.

This is what I love about the glossy world, the pure fantasy and amazing graphics, it’s so clever! Who do you want to be?


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  1. Amanda says:

    Oh my ! what decadence!!! i want to me Maitre!!! stunning! good find Sassi!

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