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Do you get Puppy Dog Pants Syndrome?

Puppy Dog Pants Syndrome is a little known, much suffered condition that could be affecting you right now. I\’m a sufferer. And if you\’ve ever lost a gorgeous vanilla coloured designer top to the pink movement when your wretched red sock crept its way into your washing machine load, or waved au revoir to your beautifully pleated pants by chucking them in the dryer, you\’re a sufferer too.

You see – much like when you got a puppy as a kid – when you covet a piece of clothing, you obsess over it, plan for it, beg for it, save for it and eventually buy it. You take it home and lovingly give it all your attention and caution, but as time passes, and as the object of your desire loses its initial novelty appeal you become less likely place a napkin on your lap (or wear a bib) to protect said clothing, (much like the dog walking and daily games of catch with Max the Labrador). As a result the quality of the clothes fades (along with Max\’s quality of life). Thus, Puppy Dog Pants Syndrome.

Electrolux and Alex Perry have responded by showering us with things we can do to alleviate the effects of this entirely fictional disorder. Thanks guys 🙂


1. Double team your stain removal

Lipstick and red wine have to be the two biggest killers of beautiful clothes, but the answers to stain removal lie in your kitchen cupboard, “Pre-treat lipstick stains with dishwashing liquid, then wash as recommended.” And the dreaded red wine stain can be treated with… wine? “Cover red wine stains with table salt to absorb the wine, pre-wash by hand with dishwashing liquid, then wash as recommended, preferably with a detergent containing bleach. Or try removing red wine stains with a small amount of white wine.”

2. Treat delicates… delicately

Delicate fabrics benefit from less frequent cleaning,” but you probably want to get that party smell of your new dress before you wear it again, “A ‘refresh\’ cycle, as featured on the Electrolux Iron Aid Dryer, is a great way to freshen up your dresses in between wears.”

3. Is pilling killing you?

Nothing kills a garment\’s appeal like pilling, but there is a nixing trick, “If possible don\’t dry synthetic fabrics with other fabrics, as they tend to attract lint, resulting in dreaded pilling.”

4. Under wear care

Wash bags are inexpensive insurance, the little nylon net bag protects, underwire bras, lace panties and nylon pantyhose as they tumble in the washer – don\’t forget to give the garments  room to move by keeping the wash bag half full.” Bras ‘n\’ Things do excellent bra bags for bargain prices.

5. Fully Loaded

It can be tempting to cram as much as you can into the washing machine, but it\’s not doing your clothes any favours. “A washing machine like the Electrolux Time Manager with a weight sensor helps you put in the right amount of clothes. It\’s also a good idea to mix bigger and smaller garments for better circulation in the drum.”

And if you want to see how you can get Alex to do your laundry, watch the Electrolux commercial, it’s fun!

For lots more Alex Perry expert advice and fun ‘stuff’ visit to find out how you can care for your investment pieces and avoid any devastating laundry disasters!

Do you have any killer stain busting techniques? Or any tips on how to prevent the onset of Puppy Dog Pants Syndrome and keep up your fashion maintenance routine?


To celebrate I’m so excited to report as part of the Electrolux campaign, you can receive a free limited edition Alex Perry silk robe worth $300 when you purchase any Electrolux washing machine or dryer between 22 Oct – 31 Dec.

And huge thanks to Electrolux we have ONE to giveaway!\’  OMG, I’m so jealous, I want to keep it myself!


To win an Alex Perry $300 Silk Robe, tell me below
“What your best fabric care or laundry advice is”

You also need to be a member of Sassi Confidential, so get registered.

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** Australian residents only, you need to be registered for Sassi Confidential and please comment below by telling me what your best fabric car or laundry advice is. Winners announced in a couple of weeks. Good luck.

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    Congratulations to Lucy for winning this amazing Alex Perry robe.

    Thanks for entering everyone.


  2. maxine says:

    If your like me you never fail to get tomato sauce on a white shirt or dress. For best results treat it asap with a pre-stain remover and then rub in a liquid detergent. This helps to loosen the stain and not set it.

  3. cheryl fyfe says:

    dont ever use fabric softner on hand wash items like jumpers etc. as i found out it fades the dye and ruins then. they are never quite the same.

  4. monica scurlock says:

    Teach your sons to do laundry..this is the best ‘tip’ i can give!

  5. Elly says:

    This is going to make me sound really spoiled but I would ask my mother kindly to do it for me but then I’ll pay her back by vacuuming or raking.

  6. Mandy says:

    When handwashing delicate garments, baby shampoo works beautifully. If it’s gentle enough for baby’s hair and skin, it’s certainly gentle enough for my clothing! It rinses out easily and doesn’t leave a strong fragrance to clash with my perfume.

  7. Bronny says:

    White wine on red wine stains – works everytime, you have to be quick and use a whole bottle if you need to, and only press the paper towel into the stain – NO rubbing! This worked perfectly well in removing red wine from my deliciously biscuit colored couch! TRUE!

  8. Carmina says:

    Handwash your delicates in warm water with woolmix or cuddly and drip dry in the shade and use a hanger to hang them up,no pegs!!

  9. Maria says:

    Adding baking soda to bleach will mask the bleach smell and make the bleach solution more effective when soaking whites.

  10. karina wong says:

    Handwash silk, otherwise it will shrivel up like my bridesmaid dress.

  11. lisa says:

    Hi.!!!!!! Always wash your bras in a bra bag hang then in the shade.Wan them to smell nice add your favourite oil like lavender etc makes bras smell fresh…………..

  12. Belinda Bonello says:

    If you only just got a stain on your clothes try to quickly put it in the washing and spray Preen on the stain, it should come out then.

  13. Jasmine says:

    Never let your boyfriend/husband wash the clothes. They never seem to understand what separating the whites mean 🙁

  14. Aik says:

    First of all, you must read the care labels carefully. Then, sort the clothes according to the washing method(s). For removing stains, you can use their organic solvents to make your job easier.

    Rust – Lemon, or table salt and cream of tarter.
    Grease Stain – Alcohol
    Shoe Polish – Alcohol
    Blood – Hydrogren peroxide

    If you suspect an item might not be colorfast, wet an inconspicuous area, such as a hem, with cold water. Blot with a piece of white cloth, such as an old diaper or towel. If color transfers, wash the item separately or have it dry-cleaned.

  15. Cheryl Moulton says:

    Most importantly read the care instruction on the label, if you get blood on an item, steer clear of hot water this will set the blood, and if there are no instruction don’t take any chances, carefully handwash in a good ‘wool wash’ , in your rinse water add a little vinegar this ensure all soap is removed and leaves the fabric soft

  16. Leanne says:

    From delicate silk fabrics right through to carpet stains, a few drops of plain Dawn/Palmolive, etc dishwashing detergent with water will usually help remove pesky stains. The grease busting ingredients will break down blood, oil, tomato sauce etc and if you mix in a few drops of hydrogen pyroxide it will remove pet stains from carpet. Oh and it helps with the dishes too! 😉

  17. Lynne Backholer says:

    Great robe. It will improve my image with the garbos when I am running out as I hear the truck coming!! Lynne

  18. Mandy Graham says:

    Always read the label!

  19. Mandy Graham says:

    I love Alex Perry – so stylish…

  20. Lynne Backholer says:

    I f you get chewing gum on your clothes don’t try to pick it off . Freeze it with ice, cold pack from the first aid kit or an esy cold block and once the gum has become solid it will pick off easily. A great way if you find some on your colthes after using public transport to get to work!!

  21. Lucy says:

    Oh my Gosh, what a smashing robe!!
    The piece of advice i use myself the most is when you get oil (perfume oil or cooking or food etc ) on silk and other delicate fabrics is to put talc or baby powder of there, rub it in a little and then wash out, the powder absorbs it and makes the stain disappear! Many a gorgeous dress has been saved this way at my house!

  22. Melissa says:

    A drop of eucalyptus oil in the wash removes all stains,softens and has everything smelling amazingly fresh. Its never failed me.

  23. Marlo says:

    Oh, and obviously you have to wash the garment the saliva has soaked in, the saliva just helps!

  24. Marlo says:

    Ok, mine is a little bit gross but it is SO helpful.
    If you get blood on your fabric (or on carpet due to chronic nose bleeds like me grrr) spit on the stain. The enzymes in your saliva match those in your blood and they break up the stain.
    This is guaranteed to work on every blood stain (even those that have partially dried) so long as the blood and saliva are from the same person.
    Sorry for being graphic, but it’s the best laundry tip I’ve ever used!

  25. Tammerly says:

    If in doubt, handwash. Oh and napisan is the most amazing stain remover and garment brightened out there!!

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