Rocky & Bullwinkle celebrate 50th Birthday

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The beloved Rocky & Bullwinkle turn 50 years old this month which means Moose and Squirrel have been battling Boris and Natasha since 1959.  I think it’s awesome that some cartoons have lasted this long, it will be interesting to see if the ‘on-trend’ cartoons that kids are watching now will be able to stand the test of time, because they are not ‘classics’ like Rocky & Bullwinkle, Tom & Jerry, etc.


This is why we loved Rocky & Bullwinkle as we were growing up:

When asked about “Rocky & Bullwinkle’s” everlasting appeal, Tiffany Ward (daughter of creator Jay Ward) said she thinks it struck such a chord and remains popular today because her father never wrote for children, he wrote for adults. Jay Ward wanted kids to enjoy the pictures while grown-ups laughed at the quick wit and inside jokes.

In one episode, Rocky and Bullwinkle are propelled to the moon when their oven explodes while the pair are following Bullwinkle’s grandmother’s recipe for mooseberry fudge cake. Fun for kids for obvious reasons, but adults certainly got a chuckle when the moose griped about still having to make payments on the oven. [Source]


Their film was released in Australia in 2001 … Happy Birthday guys, you look great for your age!


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