Marriage and Other Games

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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Andrea Parks

Marriage & Other Games is the first novel that I have read by Veronica Henry and it is simply put, a nice, easy read. Nothing too complex or too deep lies within but it flows. The writing and the characters are engaging enough to make you want to keep on turning pages but the story won\’t inspire you to jump up and change your Facebook status.

Marriage And Other Games

Four people are subject to varying degrees of marriage breakdown – four people at odds with their outdated definitions of themselves.  Charlotte, Fitch, Sebastian and Penny befriend one another in the small town English village of Exeter.

Sebastian is a rich and famous artist whose marriage is threatened by his wife\’s over ambition and his own indulgent and persistent acts of self-sabotage.  Charlotte, a high-end interior designer, has escaped from her posh life in London after her once-amazing marriage becomes a public shame. Fitch, the talented stonemason, is a kind man who is separated from his wife and confused about it. Penny, the local doctor, is a middle-aged, divorced, and lonely woman losing time in a wasteland of self-pity and insecurity.

In contrast to the floundering ideals of the main characters, Exeter is a village with values and heart that embraces the characters as they each struggle with their situations.  In the safety of this small town, their friendships progress, along with their individual actions and choices, to find them moving earnestly towards happiness, each in their way.

This novel has a satisfying resolution (I always prefer resolution) and the ending isn\’t too tidy or predictable. An enjoyable read, Marriage and Other Games succeeded at keeping me up past my bedtime.  I liked it enough to want to check out Veronica Henry\’s previous novels (the Honeycote series, and six others) and I am curious to see how they compare.

Available now:  Hachette RRP$32.95


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