The Best Day Of Someone Else’s Life

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Guest Editor Kristy McCormick

Although Kerry Reichs\’ two novels have several characters who appear in both, there is no set order in which you have to read them. Which is good – because I loved her second novel (The Good Luck Girl) so much I set out immediately to grab a copy of her debut novel which is titled ‘The Best Day of Someone Else\’s Life\’. And, yes, I enjoyed this one just as much as the first , or should I say second!

The Best Day of Someone Else's Life

The Best Day of Someone Else\’s Life is the story of Vi Connelly. Vi lives in Washington DC and since the tender age of six has dreamt of her wedding day – the Best Day of Your Life (BDOYL) as she terms it. Now in her late twenties, Vi finds herself always being part of someone else\’s big day. She marches down the aisle time and time again as a bridesmaid while friends from childhood, university and work get married. As the number of weddings reaches fever pitch – 14 weddings in 18 months – Vi begins to question her long held belief that marriage is the perfect climax to a perfect relationship.

Whilst she is busy attending weddings Vi is also still searching for that elusive Mr Right. With her heart still firmly held in the clutches of her commitment phobic ex, Caleb, she continues to believe that things may just work out yet. And when she meets someone new, matters take an unexpected turn.

The Best Day of Someone Else\’s Life is a story of love, marriage, friendship and the search for that sometimes elusive perfect match. It may lead you to think about your own relationships – with your friends, family and of course partners – but don\’t worry there\’s nothing too heavy here. It really is a light hearted look at the institute of marriage and what leads people to do it, not do it, do it again or just keep on doing it!

Along the way Vi learns a lot about herself, some secrets about other people in her life and manages to keep us entertained along the way. The Best Day of Someone Else\’s Life is a lighthearted, touching story about relationships and the people within them and this is another book that I would be happy to pass on to my mum, sisters and girlfriends.

Available now: Hachette RRP$22.95


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