The Perfect Man

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Guest Editor, Tammerly Holmes, Pink Diva Makeup

Ladies and gents beware: The Perfect Man by Sheila O’Flanagan is gushy and lovey-dovey, yet hypocritical of love at the same time. Our two main characters, sisters Britt and sister Mia McDonagh are different in many ways; Britt is a successful divorce lawyer who has experienced a short-lived marriage, while Mia is a single parent who lives for her three year old daughter Allegra. While Britt is wry, serious and not interested in love, Mia is happy, sociable and believes in true love.

The Perfect Man

Britt writes The Perfect Man, a novel completely different to Ralph, her ex-husband, and becomes an overnight best seller in Ireland. She has no idea why she even wrote the novel – she certainly does not believe in true love!

The Perfect Man takes us on board Aphrodite, the cruise ship of love, lust and romance, where Britt’s manager has accepted an invitation on behalf of Britt to hold sessions on book writing and discussing love. A terrified Britt couldn’t think of anything worse than a two-week cruise full of loved-up couples, snogging around her while she prepares her sessions on how to keep your relationship ‘hot’ and enlists the help of Mia to become her assistant for their time on board.

Mia is thrilled to be working (and holidaying) on board Aphrodite – she loves the idea of being in love. After a sexy affair with Alejo, the father of Mia’s daughter three years earlier, she still has eyes for only one man. However she knows it can’t be because Alejo is married and has another child.

The novel starts slow, once Britt and Mia make friends on board Aphrodite the novel really starts to take shape around the characters and their lives start to entwine both on board the cruise ship and afterward.

Britt (or Brigitte as she is known to her readers) and Mia come across Leo Tyler, a mysterious and somewhat rude passenger who boarded the cruise alone. While both women are intrigued with Leo, he will not give much away and keeps them both guessing what his problem is, and why he came alone.

They befriend friendly Steve Shaw, Aphrodite‘s Cruise Director, who is all too happy to assist the women with any requests for Britt’s classes as well any personal requests they might have. Mia thinks he is very sweet and Britt believes he would be well-suited to Mia … but Britt has never been the best at match-making.

The cruise affects and changes the lives of many characters on board Aphrodite including the biggest change yet: Britt McDonagh just might change her mind on love!

The Perfect Man is for readers who love to read about love, romance, and far off destinations but if you are more of a realist, then this novel is probably not for you because it constantly refers to ‘the perfect man’, ‘The One’, romance and cupid’s bows and arrows.

Available now:  Hachette RRP$32.99


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