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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Emma Bradshaw

There\’s no doubt about it, summer is on its way. A spurt of heat, a burst of spring flowers, and the first glimpses of cloudless blue sky are the green light for my favourite time of year. I don\’t know about you, but summer crept up on me just a wee bit and I\’m not 100% prepared.

There needs to be approximately 867% more fake tanning, body brushing and (gasp!) exercising before I\’m close to being beach ready. With one exception: the ten waxy, keratin-y little discs on the end of my fingers, all of which are just gagging to get in on some summer time celebration (yes, my fingernails have thoughts of their own, yours don\’t?). Thankfully all our favourite nail brands have delivered some terrifyingly vibrant rainbow brights, designed to kick start our summer beauty regimen.

Essie_neonEssie Neon Collection

When it comes to nail colour, I have enthusiasm to rival kids on Christmas. That said, rarely do I fall as hard as I have for Essie\’s Neon Collection. My favourite of favourites. The formula may be a little on the thin side, but what they lack in opacity they make up for in punchy neon vibrancy.

Available in Punchy Pink (like a pink highlighter), Flirty Fuchsia (would be Barbie\’s favourite colour if she were available for questioning), Funky Limelight (neon lemon-lime) and Perky Purple (think Barney the Dinosaur gone day-glow) and in all truthful honesty I can\’t pick a favourite. They have summer music festival written all over them.

Buy it for: $18.95

Kit_duluxKit Cosmetics Limited Edition Dulux Nail Polish Collection

It\’s a wonder a partnership of this nature hasn\’t come up sooner. If I wanted to make great colours I\’d ask Dulux to help me out too. That\’s what Kit Cosmetics did and the result is this four piece collection of adorably, matte, pastel shades. All of these colours are matte, and as someone who is about as into shimmery polish as being caught in a blizzard in suede Jimmy Choos, these four colours are a big hit. Where some summer brights might be too much for some polish connoisseurs these are beautifully delicate and ladylike. Hot Calypso (fairy floss pink), Blue Surf (sky blue), Kiss (lilac purple) and Exotic Flower (mango-esque).

Buy it for: $15.95

Zoya_ladidaZoya Nail Lacquer in La-Di-Dai

If there\’s one thing Zoya do well (and there are many more) it\’s matte opaque colours like these. La-Di-Da is Zoya\’s summer collection and includes six almost-edible candy coloured hues: America (ruby-red), Dita (cherry-red), Renee (watermelon), Paz (neon orange), Ali (neon pink) and Pippa (neon yellow).

You\’ll get a full, even coverage with two coats, and I love how Zoya polishes are free from all those nail nasties like toluene and formaldehyde. My picks are the lolly-pink Renee and the fire-inspired Paz.

Buy it for: $17


Revlon Fruitful Temptations

Taking summery nails to the next level, Revlon have teamed their new season colours with fruity fragrances. I\’m a chronic brush stroke and polish bubble sufferer, if you are too, this polish will suit you like vegemite suits toast. Revlon turbo charge the user-friendly factor with the self-levelling capabilities enabled by the silk proteins in the formula.

Coming to a Priceline near you in three sets of three, they\’re a bargain to boot. Salad (Mad Mango, Pretty in Papaya, Mon Cherry), Sweet Treats (Coconut Crush, Sublime Strawberry, Raspberry Rapture) and Berry Burst (Raspberry Rapture, Passionate Fruit, Not So Blueberry). My pick is Sweet Treats, Coconut Crush\’s fragrance my favourite of the lot, and Sublime Strawberry is frighteningly wearable.

But it for: $24.95 for a pack of three

OPI_Bright PairOPI Bright Pair

Want to hear a secret? I\’ll tell you one. Come here… a leedle closer, yep, right there. Shhh… OPI really know nail polish. What? What do you mean you already know that? Is it because their patented Pro-Wide brush is easily the best on the market or is it that you somehow stumbled on their smooth, thin, opaque and quick-drying crème formulation? All right, enough already. Of course I\’m being ironic, we all know OPI polishes kick serious posterior, and this collection is no exception.

Inspired by the Paige Premium Denim summer range, it features six new colours some of which are less summery than others, but a gorgeous collection nonetheless; On The Same Paige (burnt orange), Shorts Story (a cool, blue-based hot pink), No Room For The Blues (swimming pool blue), Over The Taupe (mushroomy), In My Back Pocket (pumpkin orange) and A Grape Fit (cool lavender). In My Back Pocket is one of the best oranges ever and so my pick from this collection.

Buy it for: $19.95

NP_ChandelierNapoleon Perdis Chandelier Shine in Soda Pop

Rebecca Prior, International Makeup Artist for Napoleon Perdis, in all her wisdom, predicted this trend long before the mercury started to rise,“Bright pops of colour are going to seen this summer. From super bright lips inspired by lollipop pin-up girls, to bright nails especially in hues of magenta, coral and royal blue.”

And Napoleon Perdis has followed through, their prime summer bright shade is Soda Pop from the Chandelier Shine collection, a delightful shimmering peach shade.

Buy it from: $15


OPI Sunbelievable

You\’ve got to wonder after hundreds of amazing colours how OPI even have any more puff, but they do. And their latest summer release Sunbelievable is yet another gorgeous release. Still the same groundbreaking brush, still the same world-renowned formula, in four new colours; If The Fuchsia Fits (a Redskin meets a fresh strawberry), Banana Bandanna (a white-based yellow), Sea? I Told You So (aqua blue) and I\’m His Coral-Friend (orange-red). My pick is definitely the sunflowery goodness of Banana Bandanna.

Buy it for: $19.95

Love Em

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