Starletto Stiletto Heel Saviours

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Have a look at these sweet, little stars because they are going to be your new best friend the next time you head off to the races or to a garden party. These little cuties stick to the bottom of your stilettos so you won\’t have to worry about sinking into the turf, making a fool of yourself and perhaps worst of all, ruining your favourite pair of heels!

Starlettos Box

The added protection means you can basically use it anywhere else, like on the dance floor, the office, at home, on tiles, on wooden floor boards, on polished concrete, on escalators, on boats, on jetties and on any other surface that is slippery or has grooves in it.

Moreover, Starlettos are made from strong, yet pliable materials so it can fit most narrow heels or stilettos (8mm-14mm). They even come in three different colours so they work to enhance your overall star appeal, not detract from it. Choose from Starletto Sparkle, which is clear with just that little bit of sparkle, Starletto Noir and Starletto Rouge.

Shoes_DuoStarlettos are also easy to clean and carry around to boot! Just slide them off, rinse under cold water, remove all the grass and dirt and then put it back in its little silk purse that it comes with and pop it in your handbag.

Why didn\’t anyone think of this idea sooner? I could have saved myself some pretty pennies over the years! So a big thanks goes out to Ilde Naismith-Beeley, who came up with the idea a few years back when she was planning her wedding.

To read more about the Starletto story and to grab a pair for yourself or a girlfriend, check out the website at

Available now: RRP $24.99.

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