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In the last couple of weeks you\’ve probably noticed a veritable smorgasboard of new products hitting shelves at your local Priceline*  – well, let\’s just say it, Priceline usher in new products in a steady and constant stream. That said, this has been a particularly good month in the eye department. These three products have struck a particularly harmonious chord in the Sassi office&

Boujois Smokey Eyes

Bourjois Smokey Eyes

If there was an award for the cosmetic technique women seem most openly perplexed by, its arguable winner would be smokey eyes. For all the tips and techniques you can be taught it really comes down to the product you\’re using. Ideally you\’re looking for a nice smooth, blendable, buildable mix of colours that really suit each other in terms of tone and finish, and Bourjois have delivered a commendable smokey eyes kit.

Available in four colour blends Gris dandy – greys, Or baroque – golds, Nude ingénu – browns and Rose vintage – pinks, the real winner here is the powder\’s texture and blendability. Created with blending front of mind, the powders are smooth, soft, and – I want to say ‘flakey\’ but it doesn\’t quite do it – they\’re almost creamy but still in a completely dry way. The mother-of-pearl pigments in the formula give a gentle sheen, . A little goes a long way and the three shades in all four trios complement each other so perfectly it\’s like the engineered it that way or something.

My pick is by far and away Nude ingénue, which gives you room to create a gentle, warm day look and then build on it for evening.

Get it for: $28

Cover Girl Lash Blast LUXE

COVERGIRL Lashblast Luxe

Lashblast quickly endeared itself to the hearts of many women after its release in 2007, with its gargantuan brush and volume inducing formula – Drew Barrymore\’s stellar black skinnies, black vest, black fedora combo didn\’t hurt either. ‘This is some serious mascara,\’ I said to myself when I tried it. Seriously big, seriously black, seriously voluminous. Serious. But while Lashblast was the studious, determined first born, her new baby sister Lashblast Luxe came into the world with only one thing in mind. FUN.

Don\’t get me wrong, Luxe has still got the same mum and dad, she\’s from the same DNA, but she\’s got something her older sibling doesn\’t – shimmer. If you\’re at all like me, you may welcome shimmer in and offer it tea when it comes to your lips and lids, but shimmer and lashes bodes reluctance for me. But Luxe changed all that. This isn\’t drag queen, 80s disco dolly shimmer, this is sexy shimmer. The shades are dark and subtle, but if you wear the right one can really set off the colour of your iris. Black Platinum is the all rounder and has a clear or silvery shimmer which gives a patent leather-esque look, Black Cabernet has a purpley tint and suits brown eyes and makes green eyes pop, Black Royale is blue based and enhances blue eyes and Black Emerald has a hit of green and so brings out green eyes, or hazel eyes with a bit of green in them.

As a green eyed fillie my pick is Black Emerald.

Get it for: $17.95

Max Factor Lash Extension

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect

When I first got into beauty, I once made the foolish mistake of asking a beauty editor friend what her favourite mascara was. She looked at me with thinly veiled deflation and frustration, and then proceeded to patiently explain that it\’s impossible to pick one favourite when “I have a favourite mascara for every mood, sometimes I want length, sometimes volume, sometimes both and then some.” I nodded in agreement, but it took me some years to know what she was on about and really get a grasp of the fact that not all mascaras do the same thing, some in fact are actually designed to have different, stand-out qualities. Lash Extension Effect is one of them.

In a nutshell Lash Extension\’s number one job requirement is to make lashes long. Length is its key objective. To crack that nut open and gnaw on it a bit, that length is successfully achieved by the combination of what I have dubbed a “very scoopy” brush (technical term) and it\’s lash lengthening formula. The toothed brush (similar to that of Lashblast and Maybelline\’s Lash Discovery, but longer and much finer) grabs on to lashes when positioned at the roots and really pulls them up to create the length. While the goo coats right to the very, berry, tips.

What you will not get here, is volume. Which is the very belated point of my previous story, Lash Extension Effect is designed for those of us who want long, fine, separated lashes. If you\’re looking for fullness, or thickness, you could use it in conjunction with a voluminising mascara such as 20q00 Calorie (just to stick with the Max Factor theme).

Get it for: $23.95

Have you made any new cosmetic discoveries recently? Are there any products you\’re especially intrigued about?

* COVERGIRL products can also be found at Target, Kmart, Big W, Priceline, Woolworths/Safeway, Coles, Myer (Max Factor only) and selected pharmacy outlets.

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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    Thanks for that, but that’s how much it costs in Australian $$$$, not the US$$$ … yes we’re much more expensive here.

  2. Terri says:

    Just a minor correction:
    Covergirl’s Lash Blast only costs around $7, not $17.95!

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