SK-II is turning the big 3-0!

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FTE 250ml Since 1980 Hi-Res copySK-II only graced our shores in 2004 but it\’s actually turning the big 3-0 overseas! Nevertheless, we get to share in the celebrations down under too! To commemorate the event, SK-II is launching its limited edition Facial Treatment Essence bottle. The collectible comes with 1980 inscribed on it, which is the year it was first formulated. And mind you it might be turning 30, but the formula doesn\’t look a day over 1! And that\’s because the formula hasn\’t changed since its inception. I suppose that\’s a testament to the fact that it just doesn\’t need any improving.

The SK-II story began in a humble sake brewery in Japan, where by chance, scientists noticed that the workers had wrinkled faces, yet youthful looking hands. After years of in-depth research, it was discovered that the workers\’ ‘Secret Key\’ to their youthfulness was Piteraâ„¢, and hence SK-II Facial Treatment Essence was born in 1980.

Piteraâ„¢ is a clear, nutrient-rich liquid with the power to help improve the skin\’s surface renewal cycle. Piteraâ„¢ is naturally derived from a delicate fermentation process of a unique yeast strain, in tightly controlled conditions at SKII\’s laboratories in Japan. Containing over 90% of SK-II\’s unique ingredient Piteraâ„¢, Facial Treatment Essence consists of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are naturally found in the skin which restore and maintains the skin\’s original balance and inherent beauty.

This fountain of youth also looks after your skin\’s microclimate. SK-II researchers have found that your skin\’s microclimate has seven facial zones: the forehead, nose, chin, outer corner of eye, cheek, side of mouth and jaw line. I\’m sure you all know that all these areas seem to have their own agendas, with some parts being oily and some parts being dry. The beauty about Piteraâ„¢ is that it looks after each zone, no matter what concerns you may have. This makes it effective for common skin concerns across all ages.

And if you don\’t believe it, SK-II has conducted a first-of-its-kind study on its loyal users which found that SK-II users had clearer and more translucent skin compared to non-users. Moreover, the study also found that loyal customers had better basic skin conditions than non-users, like lighter skin tone, better moisturisation levels, skin firmness that is closer to that of younger women and better sebum conditions.

Cate Blanchett SK-II

And if you don\’t believe that, have a look at Cate Blanchett\’s milky skin because she is the global ambassador for SK-II. She says she was introduced to the line almost a decade ago and has been using it ever since.

She says, “SK-II is fundamentally different from other lines based on one indispensable product –Facial Treatment Essence. It is like nothing I have ever used before, a clear liquid that you simply press into your skin. It clarifies and moisturises. It basically does it all. As a result, my skin looks more balanced and healthy.”


You can find the limited edition 250ml Facial Treatment Essence from SK-II counters at David Jones and Myer Stores from mid February 2010 for RRP$245. For further stockists you can also call 1800 012 169 and for further information, visit their website.

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