St Tropez fake tan is scentalicious

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We all know a tan complements every outfit, but with skin cancer becoming such a worry, in order to make it, girls, we have to fake it!

Personally though, I can\’t stand the icky smell associated with many faux tanning products. Luckily, St Tropez, the ultimate in tanning, has overcome this. Aromaguardâ„¢ doesn’t just mask the smell – it’s a ground-breaking technology that actually reduces the smell by a minimum of 70% and replaces it with a soft, subtle scent that\’s lovely on its own and light enough to layer under your normal fragrance.

With hints of iris, fresh fruits and violets, Aromaguardâ„¢ is a major beauty breakthrough and a first in the market. As an added plus, their tanning creams have been personally tried and tested, and don\’t leave you looking too dark or resembling an orange (another of our major concerns).

St Tropez Every Group

St Tropez Aromaguard is perfect for the summer season; it is a great, easy to use instant tan which adds a glow to any outfit, without leaving you smelling like a wet biscuit.

St Tropez featuring Aromaguardâ„¢ is available at David Jones and Priceline now.

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