101 Things to do Before you Diet

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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Brooke Simmons from Pursuit Communications

We\’ve all read books that claim to help with a diet, Mimi Spencer\’s 101 Things to do Before you Diet is NOT another “diet” book, nor is it a book that should be taken lightly either. Dieting is a serious issue and a doctor should always be consulted prior to commencing a diet. Mimi Spencer\’s realistic tome, is aimed at the everyday woman. That\’s you and me!

Spencer notes in her introduction that 101 Things to do Before you Diet is “a real-time book with a realistic promise: it will examine your relationship with your fork, your fridge, your fashion, your friends, your foibles.”

101 Things to do before you diet

It\’s a holistic dieting book that finds a balance, something many dieting books lack, ironically enough! With easy to read chapters, call out boxes filled to the brim with useful advice that will make you wonder why you didn\’t think of that before! Spencer truly has catered for the everyday woman and delivered in an adequate portion.

She is, true to her word in her introduction and 101 Things to do Before you Diet isn\’t all about what goes into your mouth, because no diet is just about that. Encompassing everything from watching how and when you snack, exercise tips and ideas, what to wear that will flatter your figure and my personal favourite – how use your body to your advantage, you\’ll soon realise that dieting, shock-horror, can actually be a good thing and very possibly enjoyable!

Spencer will have you armed and dangerous next time you\’re at a cocktail party, as she understands everything from the “highs and lows of heels”, “Bra Brilliance” and that “Your social life is chock-full of reasons to binge”. Following her simple fail-proof steps you\’ll be certain to avoid the consequences of cocktail canapés and have a truly flattering figure!

Complete with a directory of relevant websites, a section for your notes (always handy) and a down-to-earth tone, Mimi Spencer has dished up a delicious directory of dieting that will leave you wanting more – now there\’s nothing wrong with that, is there??

Available now: Random House RRP$37.95


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