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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Monique Kinerson

Starring: Elijah Wood, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover, Martin Landau, Christopher Plummer

Don\’t mistake this Tim Burton classic with Nicole Kidman\’s Nine due to come out shortly.  This post-apocalyptic animated fantasy will soon have you falling in love with the fabulous creations known as stichpunks.  And how many of these little humanoids are there?  You guessed it!  9! 

Just a quick note – this is not one for the kiddies – too dark, as you may have guessed, having Tim Burton stamped all over it.


It is a fantastical look into the future of machines, how one man\’s creation can turn against him and his whole race.  It is an insightful perspective on the plight of man in the future!  Of course, this subject isn\’t new, but it is always interesting.  I love it when a film peeks into the future and creates a ‘possible\’ reality.  I mean, isn\’t that what project planning is?  We can\’t just assume that creating a wonderful machine that alleviates our workload will be the end of that!  If we give it intuition or human-like capabilities – won\’t they just be& well& human?  And we already know that as humans, we make mistakes – sometimes pretty big ones on a global scale.  9 (Elijah Wood) takes us on a journey to find out what dangers may lie ahead.


The adventure begins when some of the stitchpunks  team up to make a stand and investigate the big, bad world, against the advice of number 1 (Christopher Plummer), the fearful leader.  This classic ‘head in the sand\’ mentality has paralysed the surviving members of the group into constantly fleeing from danger rather than facing it head on.  Metaphor much?


Aided with a gift from his inventor, 9 endeavours to make a difference and save the group from certain destruction.  A savvy and confident warrior 7 (Jennifer Connelly) supplies the grunt power to enable the group to work together as a team and fight the ‘good fight\’.


I fell in love with 5 (John C. Reilly) – he was the bravest, one eyed little thing and even though logic denotes that it is a drawing, my heart strings were definitely being manipulated.  What is amazing about Tim Burton is his ability to create so much empathy for his characters and I think this is where animation is really breaking through – we don\’t see them as cartoons anymore – they are so well defined in terms of their graphics that their dimensions literally become 3D to us.


Official Trailer and visit their website for more info and fun stuff to do:

If you\’re a fan – then 9 will definitely be up your alley!  3.5 / 5


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