Gorman and Green & Black\’s Golden Ticket

| 12 December , 2009 | Reply

When I was a kid I loved Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I loved Gene Wilder\’s rendition of Willy Wonka, I loved the Roald Dahl books that started it all. And often wished I too would one day get the chance to win a golden ticket.

But times have changed and I\’ve since realised that the inside of a chocolate factory mightn\’t be filled with lickable wall paper and chocolate rivers. Luckily Gorman and Green and Black\’s Organic Chocolate are keeping the golden ticket dream alive, while also offering a much more desirable grown up prize. Free clothes.


If you make a purchase from Gorman for the rest of this month (December) you will also receive a block of Green and Black\’s Organic Chocolate (cross your fingers for the Milk Chocolate Butterscotch variety, it\’s simply devine!). Five of those chocolate bars contain a golden ticket entitling the winner to $1500 worth of Gorman gear as well as a hamper from Green and Black\’s!

It\’s an ethical collaboration, with Green and Black\’s a certified organic product and Gorman steadfastly using 100% organic fibres.

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