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Planet Earth Naturals body products are the naturally better choice for you and the environment. The new collection features luscious body butters, Intensive Repair hand Creams, Loofah Body Washes and nurturing Body Moisturisers that are kind to the planet and to you.

Planet Earth Naturals body products are full of goodness like jojoba, sunflower, Vitamin E, shea butter, collagen, elastin, ginkgo biloba and rose hip oil. Their products are also free of nasties like artificial colours, mineral oils, parabens, PEGS and SLES.

Try the Loofah Body Washes (375ml $8.00), which feature natural loofah fibres to exfoliate your skin and make it silky smooth. It’s gentle enough to use every day, and with fragrances like Pear, Berry & Vanilla, Frangipani & Vanilla, Coconut & Lime and Pomegranate & Frangipani, yoll want to use it all the time.

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After showering, indulge your skin in Planet Earth Naturals Body Butters (250ml $10.00) and Body Moisturisers (375ml $10.00). Luxuriously decadent and equally hydrating, the Planet Earth Naturals Body Butters are available in two delicious fragrances: Coconut & Lime and Pomegranate & Frangipani. For daily balance, smooth on a dollop of Planet Earth Naturals Body Moisturiser in either Fig, Cinnamon & Vanilla, Cucumber, Melon & Pomegranate, Cocoa Butter or Frangipani & Vanilla.

And for those hardworking hands of yours, try the Planet Earth Naturals Intensive Repair Hand Creams (150ml $10.00) for deep, concentrated care. Choose from either Frangipani & Vanilla or Cocoa Butter.

You’ll also be happy to know that Planet Earth products are against animal testing.

So go on, be kind to our earth and be kind to your body.

Find your Planet Earth Naturals products at Target stores nationally or phone Feelgood on 03 9935 1300 to find a store nearest you or visit their website:

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  1. Dawn Kelly says:

    i was given the fig, cinnamon & Vanilla gift set & i was looking for the prices as they are great product & i need the prices. but am having trouble finding the prices

  2. Sassi Sam says:

    I’m sure they would love to hear your feedback, if you go to their website: you can fill in a form and let them know directly.

  3. p says:

    Hi,I’ve used the body butter coconut & lime for quite a while and i’m so happy with the strong and real scented ingredients used, until the last tube bought about 2 months ago?I found, it to have a very white plain ‘no frills’hand cream , feel , smell and slight scent of coconut and very cheap. Not like the previous tube rich in a deep cream butter smell and as the ingredients listed, as well as the nut and seed products you can feel,and it had a light brown colour, so excuse me if i offend or sound silly, but there is a very BIG difference in the cream compared to the previous tube ,as silly that it sounds when i ran out of the last tube , i had to wait over 2 weeks as target had empty shelf’s, i’m reluctant to buy another tube and be dis-statisfied , please don’t take this as a complaint as i’m so impressed with the product, even my husband use’s it as well after shaving, i’ve left the bar code number if this can help, and another one, a dot matrix number printed on the tube ( 9325457206562) (AL091212) hopefully these can help if there was a fault in production?, looook very forward to buying the body butter, and after your reply, thanks p

  4. Sassi Sam says:

    Hi Fran,
    Thanks for your note … if you go to the website and email them your query for stockists in NZ I am sure they will be able to tell you where they are available.
    Am glad to hear you like the products 🙂

  5. Fran Devlin says:

    Hi I was given a pack of your planet earth pure simplicity cocoa butter with collagen 375ml for xmas. I really love it but cannot seem to find it anywhere here in Hawkes Bay New Zealand. Can you help me source this product please, I would love to keep using it and try some different flavours too.

    kind regards Fran

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