The Informant

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Guest editor

Guest Editor, Monique Kinerson

Starring: Matt Damon, Melanie Lynskey, Scott Bakula

Look girls – this is NOT your average Matt Damon film.  So if you are looking for the hunky Bourne Identity Matt, move on sister!  In his place you have the Vice President, turned informant, Mark Whitacre who is the number one witness for the FBI in price-fixing scandal.  Sound serious?  Not really – it was an absolute hoot!  And I love Matt Damon even more for his superb skills in transforming himself into such a thoroughly ridiculous, yet unbelievably real character!  That is right people!  This is a true story – and when you watch it – you\’ll be getting ready to google this guy and find out all you can – **spoiler alert** hold off until you see the film!  Get your hand of the mouse now lassies!


“Paranoid is what they call you when they want you to drop your guard” the actual words of this movie\’s central character Mark Whitacre are the driver of this film.  As the audience we are caught in the dialogue that occurs in Mark\’s head and the information he disseminates to everyone around him.  He cleverly creates a web of absolute dead-ends and so much fog that it leaves you wondering where it all started?

The Informant 01

Far from being boring, this film takes you into the mind of an unreliable narrator which is cleverly executed.  I was lucky enough to attend when Steven Soderbergh, the Director, was available for Q&A after the film.  He was really excited about the film and pleased about how we had received it.  Of course we all clapped at the end, knowing he was coming on stage, but it was genuine clapping – and immediately we found ourselves directly quoting from the film (always a good sign).  Throughout Steven\’s interview about the film, we all found ourselves laughing along, now that we had the knowledge of everything behind it – it really created that feeling that you were ‘in on it\’ or something – quite clever.

It is a hard one to write about because I really don\’t want to ruin your experience of watching it – so please excuse my vague interpretation.  But here is a clue for you – think “The Insider” and “ A Beautiful Mind” – bit of a mish-mash of these two – then throw in a funny bone!

The Informant 03

It is safe to say that this film is really well thought out with great performers who excelled in their characterisations.  Steven also noted that he was thrilled to work with actors, who were mostly comedians, that didn\’t ever once ask “What do I do with this character?  How should I say this?  They just turned up to work, did their job and did it well.  It was great!”  That much is evident in the film as I found myself immersed in the complexity of this man\’s amazing mind and the many lives he impacted.

The Informant 02

One of the stylistically interesting parts of the film is the retro 70\’s look that a few people in the audience were fascinated with.  When asked why this approach was chosen, with us all thinking there must be some terribly intelligent, yet hidden meaning behind it all, Steven simply said “Well, we went and visited this place Decatur and it seemed like everyone was stuck in a sort of time warp.  [with reference to clothing]  We literally just took it from there.”  And this of course, makes it all the more hilarious.

I can honestly say this is one of the best films I have seen in ages.

For a good laugh – sneak out to see The Informant !  4.5 / 5



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