Diptyque: The Route to Rare and Noble Essence

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Diptyque: The Route to Rare and Noble Essences. A Skin Routine for Body and Mind.

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Elegant. Lovely. Sensory. These are words that describe L\’art Du Soin\’s newest range, Diptyque.

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Attending their launch at a penthouse apartment at Establishment recently, I was blown away by the beautiful new products available. Travel is the very source of Diptyque\’s creative expression and this was evident through the various product stations spread over the two floor area, ranging from the Mediterranean to the gates of the East.

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From Florence to Byzantium, and Aleppo to Alexandria, Diptyque creates an olfactory journey and poetic experience for any lady to luxuriate in. These destinations have inspired original body care products with rituals and fragrances to be enjoyed separately or combined according to your desires.

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Diptyque does not contain any phthalates, parabens, synthetic colouring agents, TEA, DEA, glycols, silicones, PEG, aluminium or sulphates derived from petrochemicals.

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Creamy Body Wash: ALEPPO

Aromas of Bay Laurent and Olive trees create a light, smooth and invigorating soap for shower and bath. This creamy body wash revives the pleasure of bathing, invented in ancient Aleppo, frangranced with a harmony of sparkling Lemon and accents of Rosmary and Bay Laurel.

Fresh Lotion: ALEXANDRIA

Cool, fluid, pleasing with a bright scent of orange blossoms. This lotion refreshes sleepy skin, leaving it soft and replenished.

Rich Butter: BYZANTIUM

Soft and luscious this opulent, indulgent and delightful cream comforts dry, even sensitive skin and is fragranced with the Damask Rose, Myrrh and Peru Balm.

Precious Oils: FLORENCE

Radiant Florentine Iris merges with oils of Sweet Almond, Argan and Macadamia Nut to create a caressing, sheathing and exquisite oil for body and bath. It nourishes and embellishes your skin whilst acting as a protective emollient.

Luxurious Hand Balm: CORDOBA

This refined, silky and protective balm is comforting treat. It provides gentle care for sensitive, taut skin, especially for use on the hands. It evokes the freshness of plump apricots wrapped in the almond-like creaminess of Tonka Bean.

Seriously, this new range is so heavenly you’ll want it all!

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