Gus the Boxer Calendar must have stocking stuffer!

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I had so much fun over the past couple of months connecting with Gus the Boxer on twitter and helping him come up with ideas for his 2010 Gus The Boxer Calendar featuring 12 iconic images of his legendary self (Gus is very funny, he has an awesome sense of humour!).

Gus is a lucky white boxer and according to his human friend Scott Kilmartin Gus is a survivor.

“White boxers still predominantly get put down,” says Scott. “Gus is a survivor and wants to help other dogs and animals ‘get lucky\’ too.”

With fans from all over the world, Gus The Boxer – a boxer dog who usually lives in Melbourne but considers himself a citizen of the world – has his own Facebook fan page, Twitter profile and web page.

It was through social messaging network Twitter that the concept of the 2010 Gus Calendar was born – all for a great cause.


What is the 2010 Gus Calendar?

The 2010 Gus Calendar stars none other than & Gus The Boxer.

With surprise cameos from former Olympian and Channel Nine personality Giann Rooney, her three-legged dog Lester, Rambo the cross-dressing Maltese Chihuahua, and others, the calendar features 12 pictures inspired by iconic images and poses that are usually the domain of celebrities and supermodels.

Of course, this is just a regular day in the life of Gus The Boxer who allowed renowned celebrity photographer Gina Milicia to capture his life on film, Vanity Fair-style.

Gina usually photographs the likes of Megan Gale, Ricky Martin, Kristy Hinze, Claudia Schiffer, Dannii Minogue, Daniel Radcliffe and the Black Eyed Peas.


All proceeds from the sale of the 2010 Gus Calendars go to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne. It provides vet care for injured, stray and abandoned pets as well as vet care at a reduced cost for the pets of people in need.

And while Team Gus photographed, styled, designed and promoted the 2010 Gus Calendar, they called on the Twitter community to caption each image, with the best captions have been used in the calendar … I was an honorable mention for October …

Where can you buy the 2010 Gus Calendar?

You can buy the 2010 Gus Calendar at his website with other stockists of the calendar are listed on this website, retailing for $25 with proceeds supporting the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. All involved in Team Gus have volunteered their time and expertise, including the cost of printing the calendars.

This is an awesome cause and was so much fun … get your order in quickly so you don’t miss out 🙂

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