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Sam Winter, Creator of Sassi Sam

I’ve been holding onto this book for a while now, I can’t stop flicking through it because I have a slight, okay a bit more than slight, obsession with Trees.  I absolutely love them, I have a tonne of them outside my balcony and I love just starring at them, they give me such a sense of calm no matter what’s going on.  Trees see so much, if only they could talk!

Trees Cover

No matter where I go on a daily basis, I love looking up at trees, when I sit on the bus I used to love reading but now I love staring out the window at all the beautiful trees.  And trees have personalities did you know?  I’ve got a tree up the road at the Spot that is a real flirt!  And others are a little bit cranky because of our neglect.  And others are just so plain happy, nothing can put them in a bad mood, even when it gets really windy, they just love to play.

Trees_Page 104

So I’m sure ight now you guys are frantically phoning to have me taken away … but I was watching my favourite show today, Ellen and there she was talking about my book The Life and Love of Trees!  She took came across the book and immediately asked her producers to get the author Lewis Blackwell onto the show quick smart!  And everyone in the audience got a copy, we’re all so lucky.

Anyway, so back to the book … Trees are vital – the roots and the shelter – for our existence, without them we simply wouldn’t be here.

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity, and some scare see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.”

Trees_Page 112

And it is from this starting point that we go on an amazing visual journey with Lewis Blackwell who celebrates and explores the miracle of the tree in our lives today as he searches for the essence of our relationship with trees.


For Lewis it is a love affair that must never end. Supporting the quest is his presentation of a unique range of images shot by leading nature photographers from around the world and it is around these photographs he weaves stories that travel across the breadth of time and space, tracking the amazing relationships of trees with humankind.

Trees_Page 16

Through breathtaking photographs and stories we are taken on a journey from the boreal forest at the edge of the Arctic to the rainforests girdling the planet; from ancient bristlecones to fresh- leaved seedlings; from the charming and familiar to the scary and rare; and from giant, unseen, underground life forms to the possibility of life-saving unknown treasures in the high canopies. We also travel through time, from the dark origins of the living world to our hopes, fears and actions for the future.

Trees_Page 51

I can’t reiterate enough how beautiful this book is and I hope that you will all go out and buy one and embrace the beauty and joy that trees bring to our lives.  And stare out the window more often and look up and be amazed by their strength of characters, outstretched limbs and the beauty of their leaves.  They are firmly rooted in the earth and can withstand so much, and that simple concept is absolutely amazing!

How trees live and survive is just like the concept that Sarah Wilson and I discussed about going with the flow of life but with your feet firmly planted on the ground! See how we’re all connected?


Available now: Hachette RRP$80.00 – it’s so worth it, I can’t recommend it enough, we need to care about and love and appreciate them more!

Photo credits: Pg 16 – Greg Pease; Pg 112 – Kevin Schafer; Pg 104 – DEA/Dani-Jeske; Pg 51 – Matheisl


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  1. Sassi Sam says:

    they are so beautiful, it’s my favourite book, thank you for taking the photos and sharing with us 🙂 Sassi x

  2. Matheisl, Willy says:

    glad to find my photos of the four season tree in the book. photographer willy matheisl, germany

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