Wives -v- Girlfriends

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Guest Editor Kristy McCormick

Having never read anything by Katie Agnew before, I approached Wives -v- Girlfriends with little expectation. The title for starters suggested that this was going to be a Jackie Collins kind of ride lots of gossip, sex and salacious scandal. And I wasn\’t disappointed. This is just the sort of book that you can read easily, with no huge effort involved (unless you\’re trying to remember who slept with who) and relish every trashy moment.

And don\’t get me wrong – when I use the word trashy to describe this book I absolutely mean it in a good way. Wives -v- Girlfriends is a totally trashy and delicious look into the world of mega celebrities. The world of super famous and super rich celebrities is not a world that most of us will ever get to inhabit and Katie Agnew\’s book gives us an insight into the world in which these celebrities live. And it\’s not always glamorous.

The story revolves around four central female characters. Jasmine is the poor girl made good. Brought up in a family of prostitutes, criminals and drug dealers she got out by stripping and then meeting her dream guy. Her new husband is a superstar footballer up there with the likes of David Beckham. He is feted the world over as a sportsman but just what is their life like behind closed doors?

Lila is the wife of a movie star – Brett Rose is adored the world over by millions of women, but does he have time for his wife and kids? Lila has given up her own promising movie career to allow her husband to shine, while she stays home to care for their two kids and nurse a broken heart.

Maxine has already been married three times. The lure of a wedding is still strong though, and she\’s pushing hard to get her already married man to shift the ring to her finger. If she doesn\’t play it right though it could all end in disaster.

Finally there\’s Grace – the serial mistress seems unable to commit to anyone not already spoken for. A celebrity journalist, she has access to information that could make her career but has she had enough of ruining other people\’s lives?

The lives of these four strong and increasingly independent women become entwined through the course of the book, with a series of events that transpires to bring the truth (both past and present) to the surface for all of them. And, although the truth for these women is not pretty, ultimately it allows them to shine and become the people they were meant to be. That does sound a bit deep doesn\’t it? And this book is not totally superficial but let\’s face it – it is probably easier to face the truth head on when you are still dressed in head to toe Gucci and reside in a Spanish villa with it\’s own private beach.

Throughout the book there are shameless references to real mega celebrities (Lila receives flowers from Brad and Angelina at one point!) and more subtle references to characters that are unnamed but impossible to miss all the same! It was actually quite fun to read about a character and then try to figure out who that was based on in real life.

This book is really an easy paced, fun read about the world of celebrity. And though it might seem appealing at times – and believe me I would not pass up the wardrobe or the Spanish villa –the truth is it just may not be all it\’s cracked up to be. This is a good read for a beach holiday, or for a book that you want to be able to pick up and put down at a moments notice.


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