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Guest Editor, Elise Phillips from Stuff that I Bought

I love a bit of glam; what girl doesn\’t?! Kate Fryer knows this (smart cookie) and she has tapped in to every girls desire to glam up without spending a fortune by creating Katiebo.

Country girl Kate wasn\’t always a jewellery entrepreneur; she originally relocated to the city with a double major in Anthropology and Italian to be an Italian teacher (ragazza intelligente) but life took a detour, as it often does, and after a stint in recruitment, Kate knew it was time to be her own boss and follow her passion for jewellery and accessories. With an idea, a business name (her nickname!) and a vision that every woman deserves some bling in their lives, Katiebo offers an affordable indulgence. I spoke to Kate to find out a little more about the girl behind the glamour.

Currently your label is based in Perth, what do you love about Perth?

I love Perth because we have a little bit of everything … a beautiful coastline, great country side not too far away … I\’m from the country so I guess I love Perth because it gives me “the city” but it\’s not too big, so you still get that big country town feel.

What is the fashion scene like in Perth?

I think we have a lot of talent here in Perth and we are definitely starting to make our mark in terms of fashion.  We have some fabulous designers and great boutiques and there are a lot of fabulous fashionistas!  Shopping for great fashion in Perth is getting better every day!

Do you have any plans to expand your label to the East Coast?

Definitely. Katiebo is currently available online, so it is accessible to the East Coast, but I have plans to expand our party plan team into the East Coast in 2010… watch this space!  We are also launching our Bridal Range early 2010 and this will be available online to the East Coast.

Who or what are the biggest influences on the jewellery you choose to stock?

I have concentrated on creating my brand and then chosen the jewellery to reflect this.  Although, I do have some plans to design some Katiebo Bags in the future!  The biggest influence in creating my brand was bringing gorgeous, affordable bling to ALL women … and making it easy!

What are the new trends in jewellery for summer?

I am loving the new summer trends … big, bold accessories.  I LOVE the new “shield necklaces” with lots of beads and texture and lace too, they are fabulous!  And statement earrings and big bejewelled rings are in too … especially when worn with a gorgeous maxi dress!

What is the best thing about being in the fashion and jewellery industry?

I love the flexibility and the fact that I get to use my creativity every single day!  And I love that I “have” to wear gorgeous jewellery everyday … advertising!  I also love the social side of my business, being able to network with fabulously creative people everyday!

Did you have a ‘lucky break\’ getting into the fashion industry?

To be honest, I am very new to the fashion industry!  I have a background in recruitment … I think I created my own break … after being made redundant from the recruitment industry, I saw an opportunity to create my brand and I went for it!

What\’s on your Christmas list for this year?

Peter Alexander pjs, anything Oroton (and pink) and a new iPod.

Sum up your label in 3 words

Glamorous Affordable Bling

Make sure you hop on over to www.katiebo.com.au – nothing is over $50 so you can spoil yourself and accessorise all your festive season outfits in one hit!


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