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Emma Bradshaw

Bronzer can be a contentious issue. Some women – often those of a paler complexion – feel it makes them look “muddy”, or “like an oompa loompa”. There are others who struggle with its application. There\’s a fairly decent proportion whom simply prefer blush. Me, I\’m all about glow. Just on a normal Sunday, I\’ll use three different types of bronzer to look sunkissed. Which is why when I was introduced to the products from All About Glo, a hunch told me I would probably be a fan.

The Multiwave Bronzing Power A.K.A my favourite AAG product

While some products are better than others, like a forensic detective stealthy scanning a CSI Miami crime scene, there are a few telltale things a beauty aficionado can look for on a new product. Choice phrases like “natural earth minerals”, “SPF Protection” and “no talc” are a good jumping off point. How surprised was I then to read all of these markers of quality strung together, cleverly into one sentence when I learned about All About Glo.

But as we all know talk is cheap, and the proof is only in the pudding, so all tired clichés aside, I tried the products and have since found myself deep in the midst of quite the little affair.

My pick of the All About Glo products is the Multiwave Bronzing Powder. As I mentioned before I use a number of different bronzing products to get my ideal colouring, but since I hooked up with the Multiwave, that hasn\’t been necessary. My personal issue is that I like variations in colour on different parts of my face; I like it to be shimmery and golden on my cheekbones, darker and more on the matte side along my hair line, and lighter again on my nose and jaw line. My long awaited point being that the Multiwave has four waves of colour, a slightly shimmery cream, followed by sand, tan and milk chocolate.

Personally I like to use a small brush blush and swirl a couple of colours together at a time to suit different parts of my face, even using the cream as a browbone highlighter, and the sand as a simple all over the lid eye shadow. Swirling all four together also gave me an excellent colour post-spray tan.

The Multiwave also comes in an Illuminating Powder version which is a close second to the title of my favourite AAG product, with waves of pink and white and apricot it\’s great for giving radiance and undeniable luminosity. Both Multiwaves come in two colours, Elegance and Temptation (for the Bronzing variety) and Moonstone Glow and Diamond Glow (for the Illuminating Powder), in both instances I prefer the former, they\’re better all rounders.

Get it for: $29.95

Face Bronzing Lotion A.K.A runner up by only an inch

If you\’re better with a cream or lotion than you are powder skills wise, the Face Bronzing Lotion could be your new best friend. Smooth and moisturising, the Bronzing Lotion can be used many ways, but two in particular. First, mixing just a wee bit with your moisturiser, tinted moisturiser or foundation (whichever one comes last in your base routine) gives the face some excellent warmth. Secondly, using a foundation brush gently brush a little along your hair line, cheekbones and jawline, if you blend well this technique will make you look half a shade darker, make your eyes pop and even make your teeth look whiter. Face Bronzing Lotion comes in Bronze Lustre, for all skin types and complexions.

Get it for: $29.95

Mini Bronzing Brush A.K.A the one that\’s perfect for bronzing on the run

I swear I could have been saved from countless blotchy, patchy, pale, shiny moments if I has this product. Locked inside the portable brush is All About Glo\’s loose bronzing powder. One click and you get a little burst of mineral powder to buff on. The Bronzing Powder\’s colouring system is super cute too, available in three varieties, 9ct for the fair skinned, 18ct for medium complexions (and the one that I use) and 24ct for those with olive skin.

Get it for: $17.95

Available nationally from Priceline stores and selected Pharmacies.  For a stockist near you call 1300 650 981 or visit their website.


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  1. StuffGirl says:

    I reviewed the All About Glo illuminator for Cleo and I LOVE it! Such a great range – I have been recommending it to everyone.

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