Luxury, Jessica Ruston

| 22 December , 2009 | 2 Replies

Guest Editor Tammerly Holmes, Pink Diva Beauty

I have just finished Luxury by Jessica Ruston and I am still on a high! It has me so hooked that I wish it didn’t have to end.

Logan Barnes is a handsome, extremely wealthy businessman, known for his international hotel chain LBI. A successful marriage to Maryanne, two gorgeous children and many work projects underway, including his life long dream island ‘Luxury’, it seems the Barnes family have it all.

However, scandals start rising when friend and business partner-turned-enemy, Nicolo Flores schemes against Logan in the hope of ruining his career.

Why would he want to do that? Maryanne Barnes was once the love of his life before Logan stole her away and cut Nicolo from their growing business. Now he wants revenge and he plans to destroy Logan’s life both publicly, personally, and through LBI.

But will the scandals, exploitation, and tragedies that follow destroy the lives of the Barnes family, or that of Nicolo’s?

The end has a sudden, unannounced twist that left me both teary and shocked. If you like to read into the lifestyles of the rich & famous, love a bit of scandal and enjoyed Cruel Intentions & Gossip Girl, then Luxury is the perfect read for you this festive season.

Available now:  Hachette RRP$29.99


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  1. Tammerly says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I am flattered that you wrote in – please bring out more racy reads like this one!

  2. Hi from the UK! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed Luxury – thanks very much for the lovely write up! Best wishes, Jessica

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