Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz, Knight & Day Trailer

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I’m looking forward to seeing Knight & Day with Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz … I’m a sucker for blockbusters and Tom Cruise even though I have been turned off him from his weird antics over the past couple years but I’m on trying not to be judgmental and just enjoy his acting!

The trailer looks good and it looks like the Tom Cruise that we’ve loved over the years is back being the incredibly total likable, butt-kicking movie star with a killer smile and the ability to get us lining up at the cinema! Will this be the film that brings him back from the abyss that he’s been stuck in?

Reuniting with Cameron, his co-star from Vanilla Sky, who plays a woman whose horrible luck with men takes an unexpected twist when she stumbles upon a secret agent who takes her on a whirlwind adventure around the globe as he protects a battery that contains an infinite power source.

If this trailer doesn’t work (it’s been playing up for me), go to the one on YouTube.

Entertainment Tonight also posted some exclusive pictures from the set:

They have the official website up, facebook page and twitter account!  Go for it!

Are you excited too?

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