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Monique Kinerson

Directed by: James Cameron

Starring: Sam Worthington, Zoë Saldaña, Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi and Stephen Lang.

This sci-fi film has all the bells and whistles and even comes in 3D (which I would definitely recommend).  James Cameron (Director) has done an amazing job on this film that depicts life in 2154 on Pandora where the native Na\’vi are restless due to the infiltration of humans.  It is your typical “We want something you have, so we are going to start a war so we can take it!” movie but it has a lot more there under the surface.

Unbelievably, the graphics just blur that line between what is real and what is not, to the point where you hardly notice the difference.  Pandora\’s magical world is opened up on the big screen with lots of action to keep you entertained as well.  Although this movie is a bit longer than usual – it doesn\’t lack in the storyline with the plot moving along at a steady pace.

The genetically engineered Avatars are used to infiltrate the Na\’vi society and build trust, however, our main character, Jake (Sam Worthington), the disabled marine, finds himself torn between his obligations to the military, the science unit and the Na\’vi.  As he begins to explore their world, it is he who is enchanted by the Na\’vi rather than the other way around.  Pandora looks like a peaceful place that surely, all of us, would love to call home.  With frightening parallels to the way humans have plagued our mother earth, this beautiful home looks set to be destroyed by the greedy militant Administrator Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi).

Jake\’s quest becomes even more intensified as he develops feelings for Neytiri (Zoe Saldan) who is just breathtaking – even for a graphic!  Forget spray tans – I want to have bioluminescent skin – so pretty and sparkly!

Dr. Grace Augustine played by the Sci-Fi Queen, Sigourney Weaver, is often the voice of reason in films and this one is no different.  After studying the Na\’vi for many years, she is devoted to protecting the Pandora natives she has come to know and love but not without making her own sacrifices.

As the war on Pandora escalates, so the relationships intensify bringing this film to an ending that I am sure will have everyone rushing out to buy the game for their PS3 or X-Box!  Wouldn\’t we all love to experience life through an Avatar?  Different worlds, different people and entirely different bodies!

I have often been disappointed by Sci-Fi films but this one had everything I really wanted.  Lots of action, interesting creatures and a bit of a love story thrown in too!

Spend the extra $2 for the 3D version – it is worth it!  4.5 / 5

Check out the official website, watch the trailer if you’re not convinced!



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