Did you hear about the Morgans?

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Keeva Stratton from Quip Creative

Did you hear? British not-so-bad-boy, Hugh Grant, has paired with everyone\’s favourite New York gal pal, Sarah Jessica Parker, to bring us a romantic comedy that promises the perfect dose of New-Year-cheer!

The plot (or comedic set up) sees the recently separated husband-and-wife pair, Paul and Meryl Morgan (Grant and Parker), inadvertently stumble upon a murder in the act, which leads them to become target number one for the murderer – and, rather unwillingly, the star witnesses for the FBI.

To keep them safe, the pair are forced into witness protection (and to sharing each other\’s space once again) as they find themselves swiftly removed from their New York City comforts and flown far from all civilisation, to the remote surrounds of Ray, Wyoming.

Ray is a sweet little midwest town (read: a city girl\’s idea of hell) where the Morgans are forced to swap Burberry for Bargain Barn and lip gloss for loaded guns, as they learn the finer art of avoiding bear attacks and living without any form of technology beyond the trusty axe.

Staying with the local sheriff and his wife deftly sets up the humorous juxtaposition created by their clash of worlds, and is the perfect source for ongoing laughs. As such, when Paul is faced with a breakfast of fried and fat soaked fare and then is sweetly asked if he\’d like anything else, he quips (and here you have to picture the trademark Hugh Grant coyly deadpan delivery): ‘An endogram perhaps\’.

Amidst the hilarity, what stands out for this film is the fine scriptwriting, which manages to bring us into a troubled couple\’s world without trivialising their marital woes, or draining away the fun, while confronting the more serious issues of infertility and infidelity.

Women will relate to the struggles of Parker\’s character and will appreciate her fresh, sassy take on a woman caught in the post-affair-discovery phase of a broken marriage. She simply refuses to be the victim, but does so with a sense of dignity and contemplation that is refreshing. She manages to take us on her journey without surrendering to stereotypes, but rather she faces the question of whether she can find forgiveness and reignite her love without compromising herself.

Grant, on the other hand, doesn\’t have to do much more really than be himself to win my affections and if a dose of Hugh is required you\’ll surely get your fill. Continuing in Grant\’s role evolution in his recent batch of movies from the hapless romantic to the slightly more devilish male lead, this film is not shy in providing a platform for his truly wicked delivery of lines.

At times it was hard to hear the film as not only did the audience laugh throughout, but many even showed their appreciation with hearty applause.  So, if you haven\’t yet heard about the Morgans, I strongly suggest you take a little time this summer, escape into an air-conditioned theatre, and enjoy a film that is truly a perfect summertime pick-me-up.



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