Heaven Can Wait by Cally Taylor

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Samantha Singer

Heaven Can Wait…but will he?  Cally Taylor

Lucy Brown is the happiest she\’s ever been. She\’s about to marry the man of her dreams – kind, handsome, witty Dan – and everything she\’s always wanted is finally within her reach. But the night before her wedding Lucy has a fatal accident.

She is offered a choice: accept a lifetime\’s separation from her soul mate to go to heaven or stay with Dan forever…and become a ghost. For Lucy, there is only one option – she will not leave Dan. But it turns out things aren\’t quite as easy as that. If Lucy wants to be become a ghost she has to find true love for a complete stranger…

And when she discovers that her so-called friend Anna is determined to make a move on the heartbroken, vulnerable Dan, the pressure is really on…

The first novel from England\’s Cally Taylor, Heaven Can Wait, was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America Stiletto Contest 2008, which comes as no surprise to me.

Though the story has a slow start, it soon tugs as your heart strings as you become emotionally entwined with Lucy Brown as she pines for her fiancé Dan, refusing to let even death stop her from staying by his side.

Whilst I wouldn\’t describe this as a ‘page turner\’, a small part of you wants to read more in order to find out not only what happens to Lucy and Dan, but also what fate has in store for Lucy\’s odd roommates; trainspotter Brian and overweight groupie Claire.

Taylor does a fantastic job of creating a selection of main characters that are interesting and easy to identify with, complimenting this with a assortment of eccentric oddball supporting characters whose interests range from computer games to S&M, as she deals with the subject of love and how not only is it forever, but it is painful, selfish, beautiful and sometimes right in front of you.

Heaven Can Wait is a light summer read; none too challenging but sweet and moving; perfect for reading by the pool or at the beach. My one qualm is the two spelling mistakes, which always irk me in published novels.

A truly heavenly read, Heaven Can Wait will make you feel.

Available now: Hachette RRP$22.99


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