The Secret Language

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Samantha Singer

I Didn\’t Mean to Offend You (But I\’m Certainly Glad I Did)

The Secret Language, The real meaning behind what people say– John S. Croucher

Author of the weekly newspaper column ′Number Crunch′ in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, John S. Croucher has penned the hilarious book of definitions, The Secret Language. Analysing clichéd phrases from a variety of realms including the ever elusive industry of real estate and the cheekily mysterious world of sex, as well as the confusing phrases associated with business and motor vehicles, he keeps readers amused with his sly and often sarcastic translations.

Croucher grabs expressions by the throat, shakes them about a bit and then squeezes out what could be the ‘real\’ meanings behind the tumble of words. What he comes up with is often a cheeky take on the truth; for instance explaining that ‘we set the benchmark\’ actually means that we were the first one to do something so stupid!

The book is funny for a flip through but in my opinion, not a cover to cover read as Croucher\’s humour becomes tedious.

Pick it up for a quick laugh and pass it on to amuse friends and family.

Available now Harper Collins RRP$19.99


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