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Hello muses,

Please come in and make yourself at home, fix a cuppa and settle in with me … Welcome to Musings of a Glamour Addict.

You\’re probably wondering why I\’m here, writing this. And the answers are manyfold, the primary of which, I imagine, is quite similar to the reason you\’re here, reading this. Our shared love of nuclear fission. Oops,  I mean a mutual adoration of fashion and beauty. It\’s too early for nuclear fission.

I would like to preface this blog, also known as The Introduction Blog, by saying that I by no means claim to be the epitome of glamour. I spend a great deal of time in my trackies and high school jumper, worship the top knot as a lazy means of “doing” my hair and am right now glaring at a fake tan streak on my upper arm. That said I remain obsessed with and in constant pursuit of Those Moments where you do feel as though you epitomise glamour. Your hair is shiny and immaculate, your make-up is utterly flattering and staying put, your outfit wears like it was made for you, and you have that strut that can only come from feeling as confident as you do in Those Moments.

My obsession with beauty and fashion started young, at around 10, when my mum, after weeks of begging, bought me The Body Shop Book. I called this book my bible, and it lived pride of place on the end of my bed. I read it daily and devoured its every word and beauty tip.

My most beloved page contained a list of The Body Shop\’s must-have items, about 25 of them. I went into The Body Shop one day with this list in hand, wrote down the retail price of every item and calculated the total amount. It was $396.90, otherwise known as an imaginary amount of money when you are 10. So began my search for other products, as substitutes on this list of Dream Products. I went to David Jones and took the Clinique 3-Step test, I basked in the complimentary Ella Bache face screening. Soon the list looked less copied from a book, and started to resemble a list all of my own. I was hooked.

Like all of us I love how a great outfit makes me look and feel. But beyond that I\’m enamoured with fashion\’s conscious and sub-conscious effect on us all, as perfectly illustrated in one of my favourite movie soliloquies of all time, Miranda Priestley\’s cerulean speech in The Devil Wear\’s Prada.

Magazines bred my fascination with fashion and still to this day I buy all the monthly glossies, turning down the corner of any page containing an item of clothing I covet. An ancient envelope filled with hundreds – literally – of page tears, is one of my In Case of Fire items. Vapid as that may sound.

So, why should you listen to me? Well, as it so happens I ended up turning my interest in all of the aforementioned and my knack for writing into dollars for myself. I have penned stories for the likes of Dolly, Smash Hits, Ralph, FHM, The Sydney Morning Herald, Cosmopolitan and CLEO, and have now turned my attention to the world of Internet Land. I have even taken my fascination so far as to study pattern making and fashion design, and become a qualified make-up artist and stylist. I have made-up and dressed-up the likes of Ricki-Lee, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and The Veronicas. Plus it\’s my job, so in the same way you would turn to a lawyer for legal advice, you can come here for glamour guidance.

That said, I\’ll never claim to be an expert (on anything except Scrubs, I can tell you anything about Scrubs), I believe there\’s always room to learn. But I do have access to experts, and I am willing to do the leg work to get answers to the questions that surround the ever-exciting world of fashion and beauty. So, I guess you could say I don\’t want you to learn from me, rather with me, and share information, and help me create a glamorous little community here on Sassi Sam.

I look forward to learning with you, and hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me with any comments (you can keep criticisms on your side of the ether thanks), questions or information you would like to share, just email me

What was your first experience with beauty and/or fashion? Did anyone else have The Body Shop Book?

Love and musings,

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