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Hello Muses,

The first couple of days in the New Year always lead me to reminisce about the year that was, the people, the places, the memories. This year I have found myself thinking what a monumental year it was in the beauty world, and so I have collated a retrospective, a flashback if you will to some of the most epic beauty highs of 2009 (in no particular order)&

1. Lancome Genifique

The good bits: I know I said these are in no particular order, but I will say it\’s no coincidence we\’re talking about this one first. Targeting the genes, this breakthrough product seeks out the proteins that are specific to young skin, and stimulating them until they increase. When I first tried this little gem, I was utterly sceptical. I mean, anything that claims to change the look of your skin in only seven days has got to be aiming too high. And while, I didn\’t wake up on the seventh day with babies\’ bottom skin where my face use do be, in time the texture, radiance and plumpness improved and my teensy laugh lines diminished. It has become one of my Irreplaceables (one of those permanent bathroom cupboard staples).

The bad bits: It really does make a difference, so you\’ll have to keep forking out for it.

Get it for: RRP$160

2. Invisible Zinc Cleanser and Staying Powder

The good bits: You\’ve got to love it when one of your favourite skincare brands reads your mind. What am I talking about? Well, thank you for asking. You see I have been a huge fan of Invisible Zinc Tinted SPF for years now; I love the stars-in-your-throat glow it gives me. It does have its weaknesses though. Given my oily/combination skin, it has a tendency to look sticky and shiny, and at the end of the day it\’s super tricky to remove. You understand my feeling that I am communicating via ESP with the creators of Invisible Zinc, when I tried the Invisible Zinc Staying Powder and Invisible Zinc Cleanser. The Staying Powder is specifically designed to tone down any shininess caused by the Tinted SPF, and the Cleanser – with 12% Glycolic Acid – was formulated to remove the physical barrier Invisible Zinc provides from the sun.

The bad bits: The Staying Powder does need to be used sparingly as it\’s white and can wash you out, and the Cleanser smells very chemically.

Get the Staying Powder for: RRP$38 and Cleanser for: RRP$35

3. Revlon& in general

The good bits: Revlon really killed it in 2009. I swear I could have compiled this list from only Revlon products. Instead I\’m going to exercise all that I know about brevity and try to cover all of the cosmetic wins Revlon delivered last year. Top of the list is the Matte Collection, matte look eye shadows and blushes, but the real winner was the matte lipsticks. My pick was Strawberry Suede. ColourStay Mineral Mousse Make-up fused two of my great loves, mousse make-up and minerals. Very velvety and matte, this worked perfectly on my combination skin.  The Crème Gloss delivered the most highly pigmented gloss I\’ve seen in ages. Patent Leather Pink was my preferred shade. DoubleTwist Mascara, combining a traditional brush and a new-agey comb, this one garnered me lots of “love your lashes”. And lastly, ColourStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick had some of the raddest colours, and such a smooth long lasting formulation, I heart Brilliant Bordeaux.

The bad bits: There are so many good ones, it\’s simply impossible to write concisely about them.

Get it for: Matte lipstick $21.95, ColourStay Mineral Mousse Make-up $29.95, Crème Gloss $23.95, DoubleTwist Mascara $25.95, ColourStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick $26.95.

4. Estee Lauder Advanced Synchronization Recovery Complex

The good bits: Some might say if it ain\’t broke don\’t fix it, especially when you\’re on to a winner. But those people ate their words when Coca-Cola, easily the most successful soft drink brand in the world, reinvented itself adding vanilla to the recipe, creating Vanilla Coke, in my opinion an infinitely superior version. The same applies to Estee Lauder\’s Advanced Night Repair. Reformulated for the first time in almost as long as I\’ve been alive, new Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex uses Chronolux which works at night to help synchronise the skin\’s recovery process. It combats antioxidants and deeply moisturises. Adding a few drops of this to my routine at night has deeply revolutionised the look of my skin.

The bad bits: Slightly pricey, but worth it.

Get it for: $105 for 30ml, $150 for 50ml

5. Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion

The good bits: Sheer hair styling innovation, Pure Abundance Hair Potion, has actually been around for longer than 12 months but I only discovered it in \’09 which makes it worthy of the list. Basically this weird powder to lotion formula transforms fluffy, too clean hair into catwalk, textured heaven. Definitely worth trying.

The bad bits: The effect it gives really only lasts a day, so you have to wash and repeat, but you only use a teensy amount of product each time.

Get it for: $39.95

6. St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse with aromaguard

The good bits: For a girl like me, who likes her faux tan to be deep, bronzed, tropical island-esque, St Tropez has always been a winner. But with the addition of aromaguard in \’09, St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Foam has shot to the top of my list. Cutting that awful fake tan smell by 70% is a mean feat. Here\’s how to pretty much completely avoid the smell all together. Apply a coat or two of this onto freshly exfoliated and shaved skin in the afternoon, sleep on your Fake Tan Sheets, shower in the morning and apply a body oil like Weleda\’s Regenerating Body Oil. Voila, tanned, glowy, non-smelly skin.

The bad bits: I power through a bottle of this stuff, and at $65 a pop sometimes it\’s worth the ease a spray tan booth provides to just hit a salon.

Get it for: $43.95 for 120ml, $65.95 for 240ml

7. Jurlique Love Balm

The good bits: Jurlique\’s bargain priced answer to Elizabeth Arden\’s all-rounder product 8 Hour Cream. I loved this product for all the love involved, I feel all warm and gooey inside every time I pop it on. And it has turned out to be a lifesaver, for chapped lips, cracking heels, knees and elbows; as the label says “Anywhere that needs a little extra love”.

The bad bits: If anything it\’s that it\’s so useable you can charge through the pot quite quickly, but sheesh that\’s me nitpicking.

Get it for: $15

8. Inika Certified Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation

The good bits: Two foundations in the top 10 might make you think I\’m a product floater. You\’d be right. It took me years working with beauty products to understand that if you limit yourself to one “favourite” product you are really missing out. Because there is a mascara, blush, bronzer, foundation, nail colour (need I go on) to suit every mood and occasion. So while ColourStay Mineral Mousse has become my every day make up, I have really enjoyed mixing this one with other foundations for the delightfully natural smell (it has an insane line up of certified organic ingredients and is about as good for your skin as your serum or moisturiser), durability and the glow-enhancing formulation. For night\’s out I\’ve been mixing this one in Honey with Maybelline Mineral Power in Pure Beige, it\’s perfect, summer party skin.

The bad bits: I have a hard time using it on its own, a little limited on the blendability.

Get it for: $59.95

9. La Prairie Life Threads

The good bits: And final a little injection of luxury. La Prairie create excellent, beyond good quality skin care, but Life Threads is just sheer indulgence. Designed to honour the endless possibilities of women\’s lives, and embellished with matching threads, I feel like I\’m spraying a little dash of glamour right on to my neck. The first of three fragrances is Platinum and it\’s a floral chypre, with notes of plum, jasmine, rose, patchouli and oakmoss. Gold is a spicy oriental Gold with notes of tangerine, clove, pepper, cinnamon, rose, lily of the valley, ylang ylang, cedar, myrrh, vanilla and incense. While my pick, Silver is a woody floral with notes of green leaves, bergamot, tuberose, jasmine, ylang ylang, pimento, orange blossom, sandalwood, vetiver, solar musk and moss. Biggest fragrance win of the year for me.

The bad bits: The price.

Get it for: $210

10. The chicken Caesar salad I had on Circular Quay in August

The good bits: The delightfully tender marinated chunks of chicken breast, and the handmade Caesar sauce.

The bad bits: The bacon bits, they were those dry crumbly bits. Eurgh.

Get it from: About $15/$16

What were your best products of 2009? Have you tried any of these? Where do you get the best chicken Caesar salad?

Love and musings,

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