Paco Rabanne Strikes a Million in Gold

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1 million the 18 Carat edition by Paco Rabanne is true decadence.  I know, I know another male fragrance, but this is worth talking about … read on to understand why!

The hand made audacious bottle is made to order by Paco Rabanne himself imprinted with a unique number and takes no less than 64 hours of work; an ultra-modern, masculine reinterpretation of a gold ingot, with 210 grams of precious metal and set with a 0.3 carat diamond, it is housed  in a handmade, internally lit leather trunk.

The only way to describe the fragrance is to examine all three notes:

  1. The top note: peppermint essence is obtained by steam distillation of flowered or partly dried plants picked just before blossoming. Mint leads a fresh and crisp coolness whilst blood mandarin gives an acidulous sparkle and brightness to the top note.
  2. Middle note: cinnamon produces a sweet, addictive, smooth and warm spicy facet whilst rose absolute has a rather spicy woody aspect. It is combined with very spicy notes such as cinnamon bark, for a rather gourmet aspect, and cardamom
  3. Base note: Amberketal prolongs the trail, providing a velvetiness and unrivalled sensuality whilst natural birch oil, the key raw material of the leather accord, produces a very refined animal scent which transcribes the natural warmth.

The 18 Carat edition is truly unique, created from the noblest materials, especially selected and carefully chosen to offer a rare and precious object and is sure to satisfy your wildest desires.

Definitely considered a glamboyant and audacious fragrance.

Price is from 40,000 Euros which is approximately A$74,000.  Made to order via the Paco Rabanne website!  Prepare to wait for at least three months for your order though!

Would you purchase if you could afford to?

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