Colores: Mineral lip gloss worth putting on your pout

| 8 January , 2010 | Reply

By Carla Caruso Diamonds and Whirls

You\’ve got a mineral foundation and a mineral bronzer… now finish off your look with a pout-friendly, mineral lip gloss!

National make-up brand Colores Mineral Cosmetics has released a mineral lip gloss collection, comprising 100 per cent mineral powders, blended with organic coconut oil, rice-based Vitamin E and a natural raspberry essence. Yum!

The unique formula is in between a lipstick and a gloss, so it never “bleeds”, so to speak (and, no – we don\’t mean the Twilight variety of this!)

Antonietta Bergamin, the 34-year-old Adelaide-based founder of Colores Mineral Cosmetics, reckons: “The average woman ingests up to 4kg of lipstick in her lifetime, so you want to be careful about what you\’re putting on your pout.” Too true.

The seven, succulent shades include Berry Blast, Blizzard, Pink Lace, Crystal, Iced Chocolate, Sunset Shimmer and Nude. Wearers can layer the glosses, wear them alone or apply them over their lipstick.

Colores was founded by Bergamin in 2003, after she suffered skin allergies and was frustrated with the lack of face-friendly products on the market. So, she became passionate instead about producing a make-up range herself that would cover blemishes and heal at the same time. Nice one.

Colores is stocked in retail stores nationally and can also be bought online at



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