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Dove Beauty Bar may be conveniently packaged like a bar of soap, but don\’t let the disguise fool you, because unlike soap which can strip your skin of its natural moisture, Dove loves your skin from head to toe. With its signature ¼ moisturising cream, this iconic beauty staple nurtures your skin with essential moisture and helps avoid irritation or dryness.

The classic cream beauty bar is on high rotation in my bathroom, but during summer I can\’t go past the Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea bar. It will leave you feeling and smelling so fresh and so clean.  I also love the Dove Pink Beauty Cream Bar, not just because Dove is oh-so pretty in pink, but because 5% of the funds raised from the sale of this product go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. So it\’s pink with a heart of gold – love it! The list doesn’t stop there, but I don\’t want to give all the fun away!

Try it today, and in just seven days you\’ll have luxuriously soft and smooth skin. That\’s the Dove Challenge. So go on, give it a go and check back in with me next week, or if you\’re already a fan, let me know what Dove does for you. 

Check out your local supermarket or pharmacy and acquaint yourself with the Dove beauty range. There\’s something for everyone.  

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