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| 9 January , 2010 | Reply

Hello Muses,

A fun new term we\’ve coined here at Musings of A Glamour Addict as a union of the words “brows” and “lashes” and how sometimes your brows ought to be treated like the latter.

It is my first belief that brows finish a face. As perfect as your base, blush, bronzer, eye make-up and lips may be, if all of that is in the absence of well shaped, combed and filled in brows, I feel none of it was worth it at all.

Aside from getting a professional brow shaping in your lifetime (or many times in that life), this is me encouraging you to make tending to your brows a part of your daily cosmetic ritual. It can be tricky and complicated I know, but aside from the salon waxing job, I have discovered a tip (that sadly will only benefit those with medium to dark natural hair) that will make your life infinitely easier.

So we all know that a mascara should only be used for – at the most – three months before you risk the spread of infection. This fact can often lead to many tubes of partly finished, slightly dry and at times crumbly mascara sitting in your make-up drawer. Well, I recently witnessed a very clever cosmetic expert friend of mine make use of that dried up old goo. Said friend pulled out all the old tubes of brown mascara, lightly wiped over them with a tissue and then proceeded to shape her brows with the wand. Not only did the brush easily tame any stray hairs and pull the brows into perfect shape, it also deposited just a hint of colour so they looked full, dark and glossy.

Who knows maybe queen of the eyebrows Camilla Belle is doing this right now. And who doesn\’t want brows like this minx? I know I do. Pass me the old mascara.

Try it with: Max Factor Lash Extension Effect RRP$23.95, Maybelline Great Lash RRP$15.95 (but remember this is alllll about the dregs – on the brows only, never on the lashes)

If you have an awesome make-up tip, please tell me and I\’ll pass on the message, rest assured full credit will be paid to you!

Love and musings,
Love Em


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