The Cassandra Chronicles

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Tina Gamble

‘People like to say it will all work out.

But what if it doesn\’t?\’

Ariel Leve\’s book, The Cassandra Chronicles, is a dark, witty and amusing look into the mind of a pessimist. It follows various everyday activities and issues, which are segmented into themes, such as romance, work, travel, and health.

These segments are a collective of small columns, which are all stand alone, and can be read separately. While reading this book, I found it was better to take in the passages in smaller sittings, as the mood can get rather gloomy.  Having said that, I wouldn\’t discourage people from buying this book, as it is still a very different and interesting read.

Generally, this type of book is not my style, but it would be good for people who are tired of forever reading about white knights, and happily ever afters. This book shows you the darker side to life, through witty, cynical, honest and pessimistic views. This book can be amusing to read and has various darkly humourous moments.

‘&Recent predictions have stated that there will be an increase in terrorism, global warming and blind dating. The first two I can handle. But a blind date? Cooling the Earth is less daunting.\’

Available now: Allen & Unwin RRP$29.99


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