Deadly Sins by Nicholas Coleridge

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Guest Editor, Andrea Parks

Deadly Sins by Nicholas Coleridge is set in Britain, this is a mini-saga about two empire-building families who work their way out of their middle class background. They cross paths (and some cross the line) in every way possible: personally, professionally, intimately and publically.

Miles Straker is an arrogant and power-hungry tyrant who has made it big as a PR superstar. He is immediately unlikeable. The ultimate schmoozer, he manipulates everyone around him from the local politicians to the office of the Prime Minister. This domination extends pathologically to his family.

Ross Clegg is a kind-hearted, generous man who has made it big in the grocery industry and who will not turn his back on the people who helped him get there. He is an ethical and conscientious business man whose goodness is consistently rewarded in kind.

The clash begins when Ross Clegg buys a piece of land – adjacent to Miles Straker\’s country “estate” – out from under him. Ross is unaware of the faux-pas and Miles is incensed, to say the least. Thus begins a serious vendetta against the unsuspecting Clegg that lasts right up until the very last page.

Unfortunately for Ross, Miles is vicious and relentless in his persistent attempts to undermine him. Miles is successful in most of these attempts. More unfortunate for Miles is Clegg\’s combination of consistent good luck and solid business sense. Clegg is practically unstoppable, in spite of the damage Miles masterminds.

Along the way and mostly behind Miles\’ back, relationships form between the Clegg and Straker families. The wives become best friends, the daughters and sons attract, alliances are both created and destroyed. Sometimes it\’s just business and sometimes it\’s personal.

This is a classic plot where “pride goeth before a fall” meets “slow but steady wins the race.”  While the story could have used some sex scenes to sass it up, the ending was certainly satisfying. No spoiler intended, Deadly Sins kept me turning pages at a steady pace, if only to make sure that Mr. Miles Striker got what he deserved.

Available now: Orion RRP$32.99


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