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Wow flashback, I haven\’t used the word ‘choice\’ in the descriptive form since very early high school, when I argued with my Dad about whether he had stolen it from me, or I was in fact reusing a trend word from his youth. Foolish man. Does he not know ‘choice\’ was only invented in the adjective form in 1997? By me.

Anyway, I use it now only for the purposes of pulling together a barely mildly aMUSING headline for this story. I love the People\’s Choice Awards, I love that they are less pretentious that the Oscars (which I also love, because they\’re so pretentious, contradiction. Maybe definitely not) and I also love that it gives some of the people who aren\’t Brangelina to shine in the spotlight for a few minutes.

After hours and hours of pawing through pictures from the night with the same ferocity and intensity as Scrooge McDuck dove through his piles of money, these are three winners in the glamour awards from the Choice Awards.

1. Diane Kruger\’s Expertly Undone Waves

This girl deserves some kind of stupendously stylish award. Seriously, in the past 12 months it\’s like she taken sartorial and cosmetic steroids to bulk up her cred in both areas, except in this case the only health problems being caused are my own as I flail in disbelief each time she manages to completely reinvent the definition of sheer glamorousness (or perhaps she\’s just invented the definition entirely, if no such word exists). She has absolutely slayed her waved locks here, they\’re the perfect texture, height and width, with just enough curl so you know a lot of work has gone into it, even though it doesn\’t look it. Confused? Me too. I might have a lie down.

And I\’m back; the good news is that this look is actually quite easy to create. When I say ‘easy\’ I mean ‘possible\’ not ‘it\’ll only take five minutes\’, it won\’t. This will work best on hair that is on the thicker side and has a slight wave and there are two options:

Option one: Prepare The Night Before

This is if you want to wear this look to work or during the day in general.

1. Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner like Kérastase Bain Volumactive $34. 2. Apply a volumiser like Kérastase Resistance Lait Volumintense, $39.50, or John Frieda Luxurious Volume Lavish Lift Root Booster, $15.99, to the roots (and ends if you really needs some thickening up), and a heat protectant such as KEVIN.MURPHY Leave-In Protection, $36.95. Then finger dry it, gently twisting the hair in big sections as you dry (if your hair is particularly unruly, use a big round brush to give it more firm direction), until the hair is about 80% dry.

3. Go to sleep. Dream of unicorns and chocolate milkshake swimming pools and fluffy rabbits.

4. When you wake up, your hair should be fully dry and malleable. Apply some mousse like Matrix Go Big Extra Strong Hold Mousse, 19.95, through the ends (about a tennis ball size, spread slowly and evenly through the hair in sections).

5. Blast the hair with a blow dryer from a distance so as not to lose any of that hard-earned volume and shape.

6. Then get your humongous curling tong into some random sections in the front up to about ear level only. Each time you pull a section from the curler, tug and pull at it a little, this ain\’t ringlets.

7. Using your ghd make a few random flicks in and out in some other sections of the hair, paying special attention to the front.

8. Once you\’re happy with your level of wave, spray in some sea salt spray like evo Salty Dog Beach Cocktail Spray, $26.95, for a matte effect and give your hair one last quick blast (again, from a decent distance so you don\’t destroy the wave) with the blow dryer.

9. Seek out and marry Joshua Jackson, for full Diane Kruger effect.

Option Two: Create on Day Old Hair

And I\’m not talking new babies\’ hair, because that would be hard. Not to mention creepy. I\’m talking day old as in dirty. If it\’s Friday and you shoved your hair up in a bun all day and now you don\’t have time to wash and blow dry before you go out tonight, here is what you do:

1. About an hour before you plan to style your hair (so at, say, 4pm before you knock off on Friday) tie your hair up in a loose but high-on-top-of your-head top knot. This will help give you some lift.

2. When you get home apply mousse not only to the ends, but into the roots too, of your dry hair. Then flip your head upside down and blast with some head, gently scrunching as you go.

3. Then flip your head back up and repeat steps 6, 7 and 8& and 9 if you\’re really dedicated.

2. This Brat Pack\’s Delightfully Age Appropriate Garb

Straight of the bat I\’ll admit I have never seen any of these four lovely ladies before. But a quick session with my best mate the Googly Monster tells me that from left to right we have Chelsea Hobbs, Josie Loren, Cassie Scerbo and Ayla Kell, all of whom are in their late teens or early twenties and who struck a chord with me for the adorably age appropriate results of their styling. I\’ll be the first to admit, they don\’t look particularly Hollywood, or celebrity ooh la la, but I like it. They look young, fresh and excited, which is exactly how you should look at 20. Biggest points go to Ayla for me though (for her sensationally original name for one and for the backcombed pony for two).

3.  Kate Walsh\’s Tidy Mess

Messy hair is an art, but one that if carried off correctly can achieve the perfect air of effortless glam, as exhibited by the lovely (and also very age appropriate, or should I say age defying, can you believe she is 42?) Kate Walsh. You can create this, ideally with day old hair by spraying some hair spray at the roots, backcombing like your life depends on it, and then carefully manoeuvring up into a loose bun. I finish this one off by placing the tips of my fingers along my hair line at the top of my forehead and wiggling them. This loosens the baby hair around the front of your hair, which you can then spray lightly with hairspray and gently swipe back over the top of the ponytail for that messy, slightly undone look.

4. Johnny Depp. Need I say more.

I know I said it was a top three, but Johnny Depp gets an honorary mention in fourth place for being so delicious if he were a meal, I\’d have him served over three courses for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Daily. Always amazing.

Have you seen the pictures from the night, who do you think nailed it in the glamour stakes? What do you think of these looks? On a scale of one to ten how much do you wish you could have Johnny Depp\’s babies?

Love and musings,

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