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With summer now upon us, there\’s no escaping the dreaded bikini and the dire need to hit the gym/pool/pavement and sweat ourselves slim for some summer fun. However, if you are anything like me, you need to have someone to pester you non-stop till you do any exercise at all, and would much rather sit in the lounge room than sweat and suffer. Well ladies (and gents) I have the answer& enter Your Shape.

Your Shape is the latest and greatest creation from digital masters Ubisoft, that is the first fitness game for the Nintendo Wii that comes with a camera peripheral and use Body Tracking Technology to work to the specific requirements of YOUR body!

Your Shape allows you to have your own personal trainer in the comfort of your own home without having to sell all your worldly possessions and re-mortgage the house to cover the trainer costs.

The other great thing about Your Shape is you are able to perform a variety of exercises in the privacy of your own lounge room and in the comfort of your sports bra and daggy shorts, without the judging eyes of the hot guy at the gym watching you and your bits jiggle about awkwardly.

But don\’t be fooled into thinking that you can slack off just because you aren\’t face to face with another human being. With its Body Tracking Technology, Your Shape calls you out when you start to slow down from your jogging on the spot, its pulls you up on the fact you aren\’t extending your arms to their full reach in your star jumps, and will tell you to keep pushing your leg that bit further as you do your half-arsed lunge across the lounge room – this game knows all and isn\’t afraid to tell you to get your act together.

Michelle Bridges is also the official ambassador for the game, which proves that Your Shape isn\’t a gimmick and you will actually get results from it (if you do it right), given how serious she is about exercise (hello Biggest Loser workout sessions – people crying, vomiting, and seriously sweating) and achieving results.

Your Shape is perfect for fitness freaks and slow starters to the exercise world alike – with a variety of workout routines available – almost 500 unique exercises featuring Yoga, Cardio Fitness, Strength Training, Flexibility and Weight Loss routines, Your Shape ensures that your routine never gets boring and can be aligned to meet your own personal fitness goals – large or small.

Available now, Your Shape is the helping hand you\’ve been looking for to help get that svelte summer figure.

Special features of the game include:

  • Shape Selectoryour coach will suggest you work on one specific part of your body. Choose among the fitness programs that the game offers based on your personal fitness goals..
  • Physical Challengecheck your fitness level by performing a specific evaluation on a regular basis.
  • Workout Calendar choose the length of your program and establish how often you plan to work out.
  • Varied Exercises – training sessions with almost 500 unique exercises featuring yoga, cardio, strength training, flexibility, and weight loss.
  • Tutorialsif the Body Tracking Technology detects that you aren\’t performing the exercises correctly, the coach can be asked to demonstrate how the move should be performed.
  • Charting Progresssee day-by-day progress displayed graphically as you work out.
  • Workout Equipment – compatible with your own equipment, which you can incorporate into your work outs.
  • Musicchoose your work out music from a large variety of music styles, including Latin, new age, chill out, techno, pop or rock (except for the yoga exercises that require a lower heart rate).

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