Slippery Year by Melanie Gideon

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Guest Editor, Jane de Graaff from I Ate It All

Life has never looked so funny. Sometimes if you take a moment from the everyday, set it aside an analyse it for what it is- a mere blip in time- you realise just how absurd our human lives are& and you laugh!

Melanie Gideon\’s The Slippery Year takes those mundane, unusual and plain unexpected moments that make up a-year-in-the-life-of-a –middle-aged-woman and places them under a microscope to prod, poke and eventually have a giggle at.

Each chapter is a gem that women everywhere, married or single, mother or not, old or young, can identify with. We nod to those moments and with Gideon\’s help, we laugh out loud.

Reading it I was relieved to find that I\’m not the only one who has, a partner who over-heats in his sleep, a romantic attachment to my hometown (as long as I\’m not there) or a fear of being forgotten on my birthday.

Gideon crafts her self deprecating stories of daily life as nuggets of comedy that, if we\’re not careful, we miss in the tumult of drama that we create for ourselves as we track from one point to the next.

From the language used to encourage your dog to relieve himself, to the kind of bed you like to sleep in or the way you approach making dinner, Gideon reflects an ‘everywoman\’, magnifying the little things that tie us together as people.

It\’s a rye and joyous read from start to end. Don\’t expect a narrative with a climax and a happily ever after. Do expect to feel like Gideon has crept inside your head to ask all those things you wish you could& like how to explain the death of the family dog to your young son, how often your friends have sex, or how much is ‘too much\’ to spend on straightening your hair.

It felt like having a cup of coffee at the kitchen table with your best friend, or confessing to eating a whole pack of Tim-Tams in one go and loving it. It\’s just so honest& and as a result, very, very funny.

Available now:  Hachette RRP$29.99


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