IKEA\’s Billy Bookcase turns 30

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IKEA\’s iconic BILLY bookcase has turned the big 3-0, and to celebrate, IKEA is releasing a range of limited edition BILLYs. Now, if you haven\’t already made his acquaintance, BILLY is functional, discreet in form and features adjustable shelves, height extension units, and the option of panel and glass doors. This design has proven to be a versatile classic for the home since 1979. In fact, over 41 million BILLYs have been sold since then. To put that into perspective, if you lay them all out in a line, that line would be over 700,000 kilometres long – enough to go twice around the world at the equator.

This popular bookcase is set to get even more attention with the limited edition range which is comprised of the following pieces:

BILLY Jader:
BILLY Jader is a graffiti-inspired collage of strong emotions like love and heartache. It\’s also peppered with quotes from William Shakespeare\’s love sonnets, so if you\’re studying Shakespeare, this little number just doubled its usefulness. These come in red, black and green. Too bad it doesn\’t come in pink!

BILLY Bjasta:
BILLY Bjasta is for the Japanese Manga fan in us all. This graffiti cluttered piece is the colour-me-happy type, because it\’s colourful and makes me happy. I recommend this one only for those who like to have fun.

BILLY Kiaby:
BILLY Kiaby gives the traditional BILLY a modern makeover with its glass doors. Very stylish.

BILLY Bookends:
The BILLY bookends are so much fun because they\’ve got their own little inside joke going on. The B\’s stand with a slight lean to show that they know that they\’re getting old in years, but not too old to handle your book collection. These cheeky geezers come in large and small sizes just to prove that they\’re versatile too.

You can expect to pay around $7.99 for the 15cm bookends and $9.99 for the 23cm pair. The bookcases themselves are around $99 each. They\’re available now through to April or until stocks last.

For more information on IKEA and BILLY jump onto www.ikea.com.au. Better yet, stop by an IKEA store near you and pop in a few Swedish meatballs while you\’re there. Trust me, they\’re deliciously addictive!

I absolutely love them and want one for my office … I can’t decide which one I like best … which one will you take home?


For one day only, on 31st January 2010 (6am-6pm), Bondi Beach will be transformed with 30 BILLY bookcases snaking their way along the sand, featuring 1000\’s of books to choose from. To take a book, people are invited to swap one of their books for a book from BILLY\’s shelves OR make a gold coin donation, with all donations going to The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation.

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