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You know something? I have never completely understood the concept of celebrity muses in high fashion. I mean, the first time we see the clothes they\’re being stalked down a catwalk by a collection of the most beautiful and glamorous women in the world. Yet celebrities are used in the ads. Of course sometimes it\’s simply good marketing; brands leveraging off the popularity of others. Brand St John found recently that using Angelina Jolie in their ad campaigns was actually outshining their product. Sometimes brands really discover a synergy with their label and a celebrity\’s style, such as Chloé Sevigny and Chloé. All of that said, I\’m more likely to fall for a fabulous piece worn by Magdalena Frackowiak than Leighton Meester.

One of my favourite designers, Balenciaga\’s Nicolas Ghesquiere has had an ongoing adoration for Jennifer Connelly, and she\’s one celebrity fashion muse I have found particularly perplexing. Don\’t get me wrong, she is undeniably luminous, beautifully statuesque, but the choice is clearly not due to her fashion cred, or insane celebrity status. So I\’ve long wondered why.

I worship high fashion. During last year\’s Spring/Summer fashion shows, I barely ate I was so busy following every show. That said, taking pieces (as opposed to trends) from the catwalks and wearing them in the every day, is a huge challenge. Balenciaga\’s SS10 show was easily in my top three, but I have found myself wondering if the pieces will easily translate into real life. Which brings me back to Jennifer. This is JC in Balenciaga, before a recent appearance on The Letterman Show&

She has been styled, no doubt, but has she not made this designer outfit so effortlessly glamourous and day-appropriate? Even in head-to-tie designer (which French Vogue editor always says is a huge no no), she still looks perfectly balanced, not too over done. In photos like these I can see what Nicholas Ghesquiere sees. While I\’m sure he loves the show of a new season\’s parades, in the end he wants the clothes to be worn, and she does it like no other.

Do you have a celebrity muse? Someone you find particularly sartorially inspirational?

Love and musings,

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