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Aussies are being urged to grab a mate and banish the booze together this February.  National health and charity campaign FebFast asks Aussies to give up alcohol during February, the shortest month of the year.

But giving up drinking for a whole month may be daunting for some, so in 2010 FebFast is encouraging Australians to sign up with friends or family, FebFast CEO Fiona Healy said.

“Every year we challenge Australians to go without alcohol in February, but in 2010 we double dare you!” Ms Healy said.

“Do it with your best friend, husband, wife, partner, sister, parent, work mates – anyone who will help you get up the guts to give up the grog for a month.”

FebFast ambassador Sarah Wilson has taken up the challenge and then some, getting two dozen mates to join her month off alcohol this February.

“Not only are we giving up the red wine, we’re also changing the way we catch up and unwind, booking in healthy dinner nights, cups of tea and beautiful walks,” the LifeStyleYOU host, columnist and social commentator, and former MasterChef Australia host said.

FiveFast facts about Australians and alcohol:

  • 83 per cent of Australians are drinkers, with 1.4 million drinking alcohol every day.
  • Almost a quarter of Australian drinkers think they drink too much alcohol, with one in five drinking more than 10 standard drinks a week throughout the year.
  • Australians drink almost 10 litres of pure alcohol a year per person. This includes almost five litres of beer, about three litres of wine and more than two litres of spirits.
  • Alcohol is linked to more than 3400 deaths each year, and more than 60 different medical conditions including cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, liver cirrhosis, kidney disease, anxiety and depression.
  • Australian women\’s top three favourite drinks are wine, bottled spirits and liqueurs and ready-to-drink beverages (RTDs or alcopops); Australian men\’s top three are full strength beer, wine and bottled spirits and liqueurs.


Register yourself, or with another as a team, online at www.febfast.com.au or you can join Sarah’s team at Team Sarah, password: detoxme and you’ll be asked to donate $25.


You can sponsor Sarah and donate monies, once again go to Team Sarah


You can help Tara raise $500 for Team Sarah via her page here.

Funds raised will go to the Australian Drug Foundation, Youth Substance Abuse Service (VIC), Mater Hospital Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Service (QLD), Ted Noffs Foundation (NSW) and FebFast\’s grants program for smaller grass-roots organisations.

(TM Photo Credit: Elizabeth Allnutt)

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